It seems that living cells produce a subtle energy. Energy healing works with this subtle energy.

In the East, this energy is called chi or prana. If you practice Tai Chi, that’s the same chi. In the West, this energy is just called energy.

Different cells produce different types of energy. Healthy cells produce healthy chi. Inflamed cells produce inflamed chi. Arthritic cells produce arthritic chi.

By precisely adjusting the energy around cells, we can influence the cells over time and promote health and healing. That’s what I do.

Some systems of energy healing use a single universal energy for every client. This is great because it makes the healing techniques easier to learn, but it can limit their effectiveness. Think about it this way: If your doctor had to prescribe the same medication to every single patient, he probably couldn’t do very much for anyone.

I take a different approach. I read the energy of each tissue involved in the condition, then give each tissue its own energy adjustment. Matching the energy adjustment to what’s going on with each tissue lets me have a bigger impact.

For example, with osteoarthritis, I typically use three different energies:

One for the arthritic cartilage, based on the energy of a child’s cartilage.

Another for the connective tissue, focused on the unique energy signatures involved in inflammation.

A third for the nerves — when nerves signal pain over and over, they learn to signal pain better and better. This is chronic pain, which has physiological differences in the nerves, and also a unique energy signature. I precisely align to that signature and suppress it, and many clients have experienced a dramatic drop in pain within minutes when I do this.

By giving each tissue its own energy adjustment, I can match what that tissue needs, producing larger results. Of course, there is a trade-off: I need to develop new techniques for each condition I work with. That’s why I specialize in osteoarthritis, rather than working with everyone who needs healing.

So that’s how energy healing works: Precisely adjust the energy around living cells to influence those cells over time and promote health and healing.

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