This year I’m testing my energy techniques. Finding which ones work, which ones only work sometimes, and which don’t work at all. It’s humbling and difficult, but it’s the next step in creating a modern science of energy. Before I can make my techniques reliable, I have to find out which ones aren’t.

First on the list was sensory connections, the technique I use to observe energy. I use them for reading a client’s energy, for understanding how my ethereal muscles work, for noticing an ethereal being connecting to me, and much more. I expected my sensory connections to work and serve as a foundation for all my other exploration.

They did not. I got two small boxes, put a piece of fruit in one, and shook them up in a bigger box so I didn’t know which small box had the fruit. Then I tried to read the energy to figure it out. And I got it as wrong as often as I got it right. This test, which I thought would be easy, stopped me in my tracks.

For a week, I grappled with what this meant. How much of my experience with energy was really imagination? Was this all placebo? And if so, what did that mean about me?

I realized how much of my identity and worth as a person was tied to my identity and worth as an energy healer. I’ve been exploring energy since age 11, after all. And I’ve been exploring and disentangling this identity for years, bit by bit. This week and this testing — facing the possibility that this is all imagination — was the push I needed to move that work forward, as well. It was difficult but good, and necessary to truly test my techniques.

But in the end, I don’t think this is all placebo. I have results from blind testing with students, results from healing sessions with friends and clients, and many experiences with clients asking me for distance work, not knowing when I would do the distance work, and reporting that their pain went down right when I did it, a few minutes before they got my follow-up email telling them it was done. Along with all the peer-reviewed research. It’s still clear to me that something is going on here, even if the particulars of my techniques need some work.

I think this particular technique isn’t working. When I don’t have the aid of expectations, and when I’m reading the energy of fruit (which I’m much less familiar with than the energy of the human body), I’m just not getting good results. And that’s a problem to solve.

I got to work, slowing down as I used sensory connections, noticing what I was actually doing with my energy as I read the energy of various things. I noticed that my sensory connections weren’t exactly listening.

Instead, I was guessing at the energy signature I would find. Then I would make sensory connections to detect that particular signature. If they felt some energy, I’d perceive that as the signature I expected.

This worked well enough for finding inflammation in a joint, because I knew which signatures I was looking for, and there was enough energy for me to pick up even if I wasn’t being precise.

But in an experimental setting, it didn’t work. I hadn’t practiced much with fruit, compared to my hours on the human body. The energy of store-bought fruit is much weaker than the energy of the human body. And without the aid of my expectations, I just wasn’t good enough at sensory connections to adjust.

I asked the ethereal beings I study with. They offered me advanced techniques to make sensory connections more reliable. I was excited at first, but then I considered a few things:

  • Basic sensory connections should be able to distinguish fruit from empty space just fine. I shouldn’t need an advanced technique. And ideally, the answer will be accessible to my students, not something advanced that I can barely do.
  • Learning those advanced techniques would take weeks or months. This is a trap. It would take me away from this testing, this path I’ve set to myself which is difficult and not always pleasant but very necessary. That’s very appealing for the part of me that wants to avoid that work, but I don’t want that part to guide me any longer.
  • The whole point of this testing is to find techniques that aren’t working and get them working. The point is to fix the basics, not learn the advanced version.

I asked the ethereal beings about basic sensory connections, about how to make them reliable, about what I might be missing. And there are two parts to it:

  1. Make my ethereal muscles slow and steady, similar to how I quiet my energy.
  2. Establish connections throughout my energy body to quiet all of my energy, not just the energy in my hand.

This sounds like exactly what I need, and what my students need as well. And it sounds easy enough. Will it be easy? We’ll see next week.

Next week, I’ll share my work on quieting my ethereal muscles.

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