Alysha asks, “Can you have quiet, calm energy while still visualizing a flow? Like a deep smooth river, still moving but not interrupted, no rapids or waterfalls.”

When we talk about visualizing, there’s something important to remember:

Visualization communicates your intent to your unconscious. What you visualize is a representation, not what literally happens.

So when you ask if a visualization is good, the first question is, “what do you want to represent?”

The purpose of quieting one’s energy is to be able to read the energy of a client or otherwise listen to the energy around you.

Quiet energy is smooth and slow and steady, but there’s still energy in the body. Quiet energy is flexible, not rigid or tense. Quiet energy can move, slowly and smoothly.

Your visualization sounds like a good match for that intent. So I would say, yes, you can visualize quiet energy that way.

There’s another level of visualization, where you’re guiding your unconscious mind in how to do the task. For example, your intent is to send healing energy to the client’s knee, but if you just visualize some white light on the client’s knee, it probably won’t work. Instead, we’re going to have one visualization to reach out for the ethereal software, another for quieting your energy so you can communicate with the software, and a third for actually sending the healing energy. (I teach to use words to guide the ethereal software, but I expect visualization could work too. )

When I teach beginners, I just teach them to focus on the general intent to quiet their energy. In my experience, the unconscious mind already knows how to do this, and doesn’t need step-by-step guidance. But if we were to create a step-by-step visualization for quieting your energy, what might it look like?

In the past year, I’ve done a lot of work with improving how I quiet my energy. I actually do step through the process, making sure that I’m getting all the details. So here’s how I do it, and how you might visualize those steps:

First, I feel the whole energy of my hand, all the way out to my fingertips and back to my wrist, from my pinky all the way to my thumb, making sure to get all of the edges and not miss anything. So you might start with feeling the energy of your hand, and however you visualize bringing your awareness to every corner of your hand.

Then, I create a network of connections that will hold my energy quiet. These are different from sensory connections or other connections: To quiet energy requires a gentle, springy connection, like a sapling that will bend in the wind but not break. So you might visualize that network of gentle, springy connections throughout your hand. Do note that, when I first started to consciously make these connections, I made them too stiff, and nothing worked. It may take some practice to guide your mind in making the right type of connections to quiet your energy.

Third, I use that network of connections to gently set an energy signature in my hand. My whole hand gets the same energy signature, and that energy can change, it’s flexible, but it won’t change on its own. That’s what quiet energy is. It’s like the connections are nudging my energy in the right direction, not forcing it to be anything, but giving a gentle continuous nudge to be the quiet signature. So you might visualize that, or visualize the quiet lake for this step.

I think I did this second version of visualization for some years, guiding my unconscious in each step of the technique, as I consciously and deliberately figured out what those steps should be.

Somewhere along the way, I started to also get feedback from my ethereal muscles, noticing that network of quieting connections as it formed, feeling the shift in my energy as it began to quiet, experiencing all the details as my ethereal muscles responded to those visualizations.

Over time, that led to my approach today, where I guide my ethereal muscles through the process, feeling each movement of energy as it happens. And, when my ethereal muscles already know how to do something, I just engage them and think about my intent in words and let them handle the rest.

I hope this was helpful, both for answering your question, and for giving you a preview of where you might go in the future.

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