This year I’m testing my energy techniques, finding the ones that aren’t working, and fixing them.

Last post, I tested sensory connections, the technique I use to observe energy in the body. I was unable to distinguish the energy of an empty box from the energy of a box containing fruit.

Only briefly daunted, I began training in how to listen better to energy, and rely less on my expectations.

This post picks up where last week’s post left off.

Quiet ethereal muscles

Ethereal muscles are the parts of the mind that move energy. They are energy structures that connect to the brain. To move energy, you must engage your ethereal muscles, just like to walk you must engage your leg muscles.

Last week, I asked the ethereal beings I trained with about this problem. They explained that I need to make my ethereal muscles slow and steady. That, to truly listen, I had to slow down.

That sounds easy enough.

If you’ve read much of my work, you’ve probably come across the concept of quiet energy, and how important it is to quiet your energy in order to read somebody else’s energy. So the word quiet felt like a natural term here.

I engaged my ethereal muscles and asked them, “Please enter a quiet state.” I don’t know why I felt the need to ask politely, but it just somehow felt right. I conceptualize my ethereal muscles as being a little bit outside of myself, I suppose, a tool that I engage rather than an arm that I move. I don’t think that’s right or wrong, it’s just how I experience them.

When I asked for that quiet state, I felt my ethereal muscles shift. All the energy in my mind became quieter. I realized that I’m normally aware of my energy most of the time, but in this new quiet state that awareness turned off, which is the first time I’ve noticed it in years, like when the background hum of a fridge finally shuts down.

I thought to myself, “Wow, that really was easy.”

Then I tried moving my energy in that quiet state. Total failure. My ethereal muscles simply didn’t respond to any of my intentions, except for the request to return to an active state.

What went wrong? As best I can tell, asking for a “quiet state” made my ethereal muscles dormant, like when you put your computer to sleep. I think they also enter that state when I sleep, when I don’t use my ethereal muscles for hours and hours, or perhaps for days and days.

This is not the state I wanted.

If not quiet, then what?

Maybe a different term would help. The training I received hadn’t mentioned quiet at all, it had said slow and steady. Maybe that will help.

“Please enter a slow and steady state,” I asked. Again, I could feel bits of energy and movement. My ethereal muscles had accepted the command, which is a good starting point.

This time, it didn’t feel like my awareness shut down. Good. So we’re not dormant, at least.

I tried reading my energy. Have you ever sat on a hard chair for too long, then stood up and your leg was asleep? You can walk, but everything is clumsy and uncoordinated, and you have to be aware of each movement. That’s how it felt. My ethereal muscles were definitely slow, but nothing was working.

Sneaking up on an answer

If I can’t find the right answer, can I at least find something that’s slightly better than what I’m doing now? Make an incremental improvement, get it working, then make another.

If the goal is slow and steady, how about doing one of them? I don’t think I want slow, but what about just steady? I tried it.

This one felt… good. A little slower, a little more quiet, but nothing excessive.

I tried some ethereal communication, keeping my muscles steady. The message felt clearer. I felt like I was getting more detail than normal, listening more and guessing less. It was slower, and tiring, but felt more precise.

Still holding my ethereal muscles steady, I tried reading the energy of my body. Again, it felt more like listening and less like guessing.

At this point, I’ve been practicing with steady ethereal muscles for about a week. Everything is slower and more tiring, but also good. It’s like my ethereal muscles were skipping steps before, and now they are doing every step of the techniques. Which is exactly what I want.

Communication feels much clearer and more precise, and the ethereal beings I work with tell me it’s easier for them to read what I’m saying as well. (Of course, assuming I’m accurately reading what they say — we probably won’t get to testing that until next year.)

It’s taking some practice to read the energy of different tissues in the body. I think this is a feature, not a bug, that I’m now picking up more detail and so things look different, and it’s just taking some getting used to. We will see.

In all, I think steady is the correct command for my ethereal muscles. Which brings us to the next question.

Why wasn’t my intent enough?

When I asked for my ethereal muscles to be quiet, I didn’t intend them to be dormant, I intended them to be steady.

When I asked them to be slow and steady, I didn’t intend for them to be uncoordinated.

Why did the words I used matter more than my intent? Shouldn’t my ethereal muscles know what I want? They’re part of me, after all.

What does this tell us about the nature of ethereal muscles?

I have some initial answers from the ethereal beings I trained with, and some thoughts of my own, which I will share on the live stream.

And for you, I hope you try this as well. Engage your ethereal muscles. Ask them to be steady, then do whatever work you normally do. See what happens. And please share those experiences in the comments of this post or on the Facebook group.

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