What does it mean to develop a better healing technique?

Today I want to share some of my current work. Methods for improving energy techniques that I’veI found to be effective over the years, and one common approach that’s ineffective.

What doesn’t work: Using more energy

Talk about making a healing technique stronger, and the first thing most people think of is using more energy.

It makes sense. If one ibuprofen wasn’t enough, try two. Increase the dose.

But that doesn’t seem to work with energy. Once you have enough energy to saturate the tissue, adding more doesn’t do anything. My best guess is the excess energy can’t penetrate that tissue, so it flows into neighboring tissue where it isn’t needed.

Last year I talked about making hotter energy. (I’ll write more about that soon.) The idea is, if energy is like hot water, you can have more energy, or you can have hotter energy. Increasing the heat seems to be important for making energy easy to feel, and it has potential for making healing techniques stronger as well.

I expect to explore it at some point. But for now, when I make energy hotter, I have much less control of the energy signature, so I haven’t tried to use hotter energy for healing.

Most important: Aligning the energy signature

The most important part of energy healing is getting the correct signature (or type, frequency, color, etc.) of energy.

The equivalent in medicine would be getting the correct medication. Does the person need a narcotic, or an NSAID? Ibuprofen, aspirin, or something else? Before you can figure out the dose, you have to get the right medication.

The energy signature must match three things: The person’s underlying signature, the signature of the tissue, and the healing signature.

Each person has a unique underlying signature. It’s slightly different from one person to another, and it’s the same for all the tissue in a person’s body. The healing energy must match this signature, or it won’t work properly. When I was first starting energy healing, aligning to this signature took effort, but unless I did it my healing techniques had no result. I can imagine a case where poor alignment here resulted in side effects, but I expect that usually it would simply result in ineffective energy.

Next is aligning to the signature of the tissue. In most conditions, different tissues have different problems. For example, with arthritis, the cartilage is calcifying, the connective tissue is inflamed, and the nerves are learning to signal pain more and more easily. Each of those is a different problem, and requires a different healing energy. By aligning to the signature of each tissue individually, I can deliver a different healing signature to each tissue. Also, as with aligning to the person’s underlying signature, aligning to the signature of the tissue lets me produce a stronger result.

Third is the healing signature. When I observe the energy signature of the tissue I’m working with, some parts of that signature will be too active, and other parts not active enough. The healing signature describes the changes we make to that tissue’s signature. I talk about this more here.

Deeper layers of the energy body

Energy is produced by living cells. It starts as tiny atoms of energy, which combine and combine and combine again into a full energy signature.

My goal in energy healing is to influence the cells. I adjust the energy, and that energy influences the cells over time.

Here’s the problem: The cells are producing the energy. The energy is flowing away from them. Any change I make needs to flow upstream to affect the cells.

As I move deeper into the energy body, I travel up that river of energy, and get closer to the cells. Time and again, going deeper into the energy body has produced faster, larger results.

So why don’t I just go all the way into the deepest parts of the energy body? Remember where we started: The cells produce tiny atoms of energy, which combine and combine into the full energy signature. The deeper I go into the energy body, the smaller the signature becomes, and the better my sensory connections must become in order to work with it.

The answer is, I do go as deep as I can into the energy body, but I believe I’m still quite far from the cells. Every year or two, my sensory connections improve enough to go one step deeper. We’ll see where I am in a decade.

Apply the energy more times per second

Once I figure out the energy signature, the ethereal software applies it over and over.

By default, it applies the energy four times a second. Four hertz.

It turns out, increasing this to six or eight hertz also produces stronger results.

But there’s a catch: To run the energy at six hearts, I need to align the signature at the fourth layer of the energy body. I say “need to” because when I first began working with increasing the cycles per second, I was working at the third layer of the energy body, and we got side effects like increased pain. At the time, it was a stretch to work at the fourth layer of the energy body, but when we did it, it worked very well.

Same with going to eight hertz: We need to work at the fifth layer of the energy body. Again, one step smaller and more precise and more advanced.

So this has become my recipe for making stronger healing techniques: Improve my sensory connections so I can work deeper in the energy body. Precisely align the healing signature at that deeper level. Then, once I’m confident in my ability to work there, increase the cycles per second. I imagine this will be the pattern for many years to come.

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