My theme for this year is reliability. Making my energy techniques as reliable as possible.

For each energy technique I use, I’m going to test and debug it.

Some of the tests I know. I’m sending a friend a healing card, and verifying that I can tell what part of her body she holds it to — that I can recognize the difference between muscle and joint and head.

Maybe that works on the first try. Awesome, then I’ll go on to the next test.

But maybe it only works sometimes. Maybe there are some aspects that are difficult for me. Maybe, without the aid of expectations, I’m not as reliable as I think I’ll be. And you know what? That’s awesome too. Because that gives me the opportunity to improve.

So I’m going to test my ability to recognize different tissues and different energy signatures in the brain. I’m going to test my ability to recognize different energies from crystals, with a game you can play at home.

I’m going to test different techniques for making flowers last longer, and also explore changing the pH of water.

I’m going to test my communication with ethereal beings, first verifying that I can get the gist of what they say, then verifying that I understand the details. I know it’s mostly working, because I get results for healing clients by communicating with ethereal beings, but maybe there are some places where it’s not reliable. I want to find those places and fix them.

My goal is to test and debug one technique a month. We’ll see how that goes. I suspect that many techniques will simply work from the start, while others will take months to sort out.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this work a few years ago.

Sure, I had the technical skills to do this work, even a decade ago. My beginners do this work in their first class.

But it’s confronting. To think of yourself as very skilled with energy, and then go searching for places where your skills do not match your self image, is some of the hardest work there is. But this is what they mean by, “do what you’re afraid of.” Find The work you are resistant to, the important task that you wish wasn’t there, and do it. Because that’s going to be the most important work, and overcoming that resistance is the true key to getting better.

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