“What do you actually do in energy healing? Is it thinking about the object or result desired?”

That’s my uncle, a physicist who spent most of his career at NASA. His credentials can be intimidating, but he really is curious about this.

It’s a good question, but it’s hard to answer. It’s a bit like, if someone who has never done any math asks you, “What are you actually doing when you do calculus?” I’m… thinking? Thinking in a specific way? None of the immediate answers seem very enlightening.

For many practitioners, they are visualizing energy. They are imagining pictures that their unconscious mind associates with energy. That’s how they communicate their intent to their unconscious, which handles the details.

For me, moving energy is like moving my arm. I feel my energy, and I think about it moving, but I’m not imagining a picture, I’m just intending it to move and feeling what it does.

You know how, if you close your eyes and move your arm and hand, you know where every finger is even though you can’t see them? That’s proprioception. My experience of energy is closest to that.

When I work with a client, I start with sensory connections. That’s a technique for extending my energy into their body, and using my energy to listen to their energy, to read what’s going on in the energy of their body, and to recognize where there is energy produced by inflamed tissue, energy produced by nerves involved in chronic pain, and other areas we would want to focus.

Then I read the details of the energy signature, which you can think of as a radio wave. I boost the parts of the wave that are too low, and suppress the parts of the wave that are too high, to produce an energy signature matching healthy tissue. I talk about that some here.

Sometimes it’s more complicated. Sometimes the goal is not to produce the signature of healthy tissue, but the signature of young tissue, or of quickly growing tissue, or to simply cancel out all parts of the energy signature like when I work with cancer. But the idea is the same: I have some target energy signature in mind, and I adjust the energy around the tissue to match that target.

But what does it mean to suppress part of the energy signature? This is the challenge. I can go into great detail about what it means within the construct of energy healing, but I cannot connect it to physics. I can’t describe it in terms of quarks or strings or space time. I don’t know the physics of this, and neither does anyone else. That is an area of research I’m very excited to explore at some point with professional physicists. But we’re not there yet.

My uncle also asks, “I would like to repeat giving energy healing to one plant and not another plant. If there is a difference, it would be interesting to shield both the plant getting energy healing and the one that does not with a copper shield and perhaps a mu-metal shield (that shields magnetic fields).”

I have good news for you: My students are already replicating that study. We do it for fun and practice. You can see the pictures here.

On the magnetic shielding:

First, more research on energy healing is a net positive. I don’t know if you have access to magnetic shielding in your lab, but if you do, I’d be happy to give it a try.

Second, I doubt that this operates by magnetic waves. Connor’s plant research was on distance energy healing, the people were not in the same room, but they were able to target the treatment set of plants and not affect the control plants. I have done energy healing at distance for years, including strong confirmation from clients who experienced a reduction in pain exactly when I did my technique, but who didn’t know when I was going to do it. I don’t see how my mind could direct magnetic waves across the city or across the country, especially when I don’t even know where exactly the person is.

But the first rule of science is that it doesn’t matter what I expect. The first rule of science is to do the experiment and trust the results. Maybe there is some interaction with magnetic shielding. That would be interesting to know. So I think that would be a really neat test to run.

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