This blog is about energy, healing, and science.

As an energy worker, I care about income inequality and a strong social safety net, so that everyone can afford to benefit from energy healing and other integrative medicine.

As a healer, I care about health insurance, so that everyone can have access to the wide range of amazing health technology that the modern world has given us.

As a scientist, I care about science, and listening to experts on coronavirus and climate change.

Vote. Your vote matters. Even if your vote doesn’t swing the election, political capital is measured in votes. The more votes a candidate wins by, the more they can get done in office.

Don’t like either candidate? Doesn’t matter. Voting is a chess move, not a marriage. Vote for the candidate you dislike the least, then take the next four years and advocate for greater change.

If you’re voting by mail, make sure to follow all the instructions. Some states use one envelope, some use two. The drop-off locations may have changed since last time. And mail is slow this month, so post it as early as possible.

If you’re voting in person, check where the voting location is. Many cities have far too few voting locations, so bring water, something to eat, and something to do while you wait.

Vote. Make your voice heard.

We’ll return to energy techniques next week.

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