As an energy professional, I have to engage my chi even when I’m tired, hungry, or energetically exhausted.

It turns out, mental posture is an excellent tool for doing that. Today, I want to share some tips.

You already know mental posture

Every energy professional I talk with already knows how to engage their energy and get in the right state for giving a session.

That’s what mental posture is: Getting your mind and energy in the right state for doing a session. You already know how to do that. And this post will give you a few tips for doing it better, especially when you’re tired.

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Tip 1: Engage your energy after any distraction

Mental posture isn’t just for the beginning of a session.

When I do a healing session, I talk with the person, then read their energy, then talk more, then adjust their energy, and maybe talk and adjust a few more times.

Especially when I’m tired, each time I talk with the client is a chance for my energy to stop being engaged. So after each conversation, before doing the next step with the energy, I correct my mental posture and make sure that my energy is engaged. This helps me get reliable results, and succeed in moving the energy.

Tip 2: Use a different mental posture for reading vs sending

Mental posture isn’t just one thing. My energy is engaged in one way when I read a client’s energy, and it’s engaged in a different way when I send healing energy to them.

Especially when I’m tired, it can be difficult to engage my energy fully. It’s easy to leave some of my energy only half engaged. Which produces bad results.

So instead of trying to engage all of my energy to be able to do everything all at once, I engage my energy for whatever task I’m on. One mental posture for reading, another for sending. If you do medical intuition or other techniques, you may have specific mental postures for those as well.

By matching my mental posture to the task at hand, I can reliably engage the parts of my energy that matter for that task, even when I’m tired.

Tip 3: Reach within your energy body

What if you’re totally exhausted? What if you try to engage your energy but can’t?

As a hobbyist, I would just get some rest and try again the next day. But as a professional, that’s not always an option.

If you’ve read my prior posts on mental posture, you know that ethereal muscles are the parts of the mind that drive energy. When I engage my energy to do a session, what I’m really engaging is my ethereal muscles. And when I can’t get into the right state for a session, it’s because my ethereal muscles won’t engage.

I start by just bringing my awareness to my head, and feeling the chi that’s already in my head and my brain.

Then I think about how my mind feels when I’ve engaged my energy. I engage my thoughts in the way they are engaged when I’m doing a session. I haven’t engaged my energy yet, I haven’t engaged my ethereal muscles, but I’ve shifted my thinking.

I feel the connections from my brain to my ethereal muscles. They anchor into the energy of the brain, you can probably feel them just by thinking about them. Starting from the energy of my brain, I engage these connections inch by inch, following them to up my ethereal muscles. Note that “up” is a metaphor, and for you it might be in, or down, or out, or some other direction.

Once I reach my ethereal muscles, I’m able to engage them again, even if I’m very tired. So, if you’re ever unable to engage your energy for a session, give this a try.

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