“How can I tell which thoughts are psychic intuitions, and which thoughts are just my thoughts?” That’s one of the most common questions I get.

Today I’ll cover some tips for students in my Level 2 program, with approximately 1 year of training.

Pause your desires and expectations

This is a meditation skill, not an energy skill. Practice it without any ethereal software at first.

Think about a question you want to ask, whether it’s about a job, a relationship, or something else. Ask the question of yourself, and consider what answer you’re hoping for.

Imagine the answer is yes, and notice how it feels. Then do the same for no. Is there a charge, a strong emotion, with either answer?

Sit with that emotion. Breathe. Do what you can to let it pass. Remind yourself that whatever is true is already true, that acknowledging it doesn’t make it worse. That if you are not getting that job, you want to believe that you’re not getting that job so you can plan and work on other options.

Notice when you get to a peaceful place, where you are OK with the option you don’t want, and where you accept that the option you do want might not happen. This mental posture is key to psychic intuitions. Practice holding it as you meditate until you can do it comfortably. Then you will be ready to use it as you receive messages from the ethereal software.

If you find this exercise challenging for the topics you actually want to ask about, start with topics you care less about. Learn the mental posture. Practice holding the mental posture on those less important topics as you receive psychic intuitions. Then, once you’re good at it, try the questions you actually want to ask.

This is just one example of the importance of practicing on unimportant topics, so you know what you’re doing when you get to the things that matter.

Quiet, relaxed energy

We covered this in the beginner level post, but I just want to emphasize it again. Your energy needs to be quiet and receptive. If it’s not quiet, it’s hard to hear the message from the ethereal software. If your energy is steady but stiff, you will wind up resisting the message from the ethereal software. In both cases, you’re left with only your own thoughts.

Think of this like the difference between holding your breath as long as you can (that’s steady but stiff) versus pausing your breath for a second while you listen intently (quiet and relaxed).

Feel for a weightiness in the thoughts

When I receive a message, there is a certain weightiness to it. If I hold that message in my thoughts, then try to negate that sentence, there’s a certain resistance. I can certainly think whatever sentence I want, it’s not that the message controls my thoughts, but I can feel a bit of solidity to it that isn’t there with my own thoughts. Feel for this. Learn to recognize it. It’s useful.

The real answer: A better communication technique

The real answer lies in the next communication technique.

First, a quick review of how communication works: When you think a question, such as, “Should I go to the party tonight,” the nerves in your brain fire. That neural activity also causes changes in the energy around those nerves, which ethereal software reads to determine your intent. Receiving is the reverse process: The ethereal software sends energy to your brain, gently encouraging the corresponding nerves to fire.

When you first learn to communicate, the ethereal software does everything. It reads the energy signatures produced by your brain, and places the energy signatures of the message into your brain. This means you’re not really aware of the energy signatures themselves, just the thoughts they produce. And it’s difficult to distinguish those thoughts from ordinary thoughts.

The real answer is to collect the energy signatures produced by your brain, and hand them to the ethereal software. Then it does the same, handing you a bundle of energy signatures, which you then read into your brain.

With that technique, you become aware of the energy signatures of the message. And that’s how it is for me: Every time I receive a message, I’m aware of when it comes in.

This doesn’t solve everything. There’s still the question of, did I read those energy signatures correctly? I still need to be good at pausing my expectations and desires and just reading the message.

But it solves the question of, did I even receive a message? I know I received a message, because I felt the bundle of energy signatures arrive along my connection to the ethereal software. I know that what I’m thinking right now is my brain’s response to those energy signatures. So I know when to pay attention, and that I’ve at least received something. That’s tremendously helpful for me.

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