Whether you run a business or work for someone else, we all make important decisions constantly, often with very little information. Psychic intuitions can be a great aid to those decisions. Here’s how I use them, along with some tips for beginners.

This post builds on the beginner and intermediate posts on psychic intuitions.

3 tips

Consider the problem yourself. Generate some ideas worth evaluating. Only then tune in to psychic intuitions. Use it to aid your decision-making, not replace it.

When you ask about an idea, listen for the difference between a full yes and a soft yes. A full yes means that most of the ways you might go about that idea will turn out well. A soft yes means that some of those paths will turn out well, and some will not. Whenever you get a soft yes (or a soft no), ask follow-up questions. (More on this here.)

The third tip takes a little more explanation:

These intuitions give you information about the most likely paths to your goal. If you got a yes about talking with a client, that means that most paths will be generally beneficial.

But the conversation itself has a million tiny decisions. When do you speak, and when do you listen? What words do you say, and what tone of voice? You can get ongoing intuitions during the conversation, but even so, there will be many tiny decisions you make on the fly that the ethereal software has to average together when advising you.

So, after that call, revisit your plan. Ask again for intuitions about the next steps. Let the ethereal software adjust its answers based on what actually happened, rather than the average path it predicted would happen.

Treat psychic intuitions like a business metric, not a divine, perfect answer. I like to revisit them at least once a week.

Learning by example

The phrasing of psychic intuitions is important. But I didn’t learn it as a set of explicit rules you can write down. I learned it by telling the ethereal beings I work with what I wanted to know, and working with them to figure out the right phrasing for my questions. Over time, I developed a sense of how to phrase questions that I cannot put into set rules.

Below is a transcript of how I use psychic intuitions to help with marketing. I’ve written down what I asked, and the replies I got. Some of it might not apply to you — I mostly receive sentences, and many of my students can only receive yes and no. But I hope this will be useful to you in learning how I explore ideas through psychic intuitions.

Me: Guide me in thinking about distance sessions for Healing Lab, and marketing them.

Me: Are distance sessions a good idea? Tell me about the path.

Ethereal Software: Yes. Moderately successful in the coming months. Enough to support the business. Never truly successful in large growth, to scale you will need in-person sessions.

Me: Cause me to be successful in doing these distance sessions and in marketing them.

ES: Accepted.

Me: Tell me about the path for that moderate success. Tell me about the marketing. Tell me about the arthritis Facebook group.

ES: Facebook group will be largely irrelevant. Worth doing, it will help in the further future, but not for the moderate success of online-only sessions. Do it for later growth, for when you are scaling.

Me: Tell me about the path and marketing with Facebook ads.

ES: This will be your main driver. Consider which things to advertise.

Me: Tell me about the path and other things that are important.

ES: Start doing interviews. Reach out to alternative healing resources. It doesn’t matter if they are science-focused, you will bring a scientific event that they will enjoy and that will distinguish you. Look for ones that would appeal to an older population, but really, just get going with that on whatever sites will have you, and use that success to get your next interviews.

Me: Good. Cause me to be successful with that.

ES: Already part of the initial request.

I still need to ask about the Facebook ads. I’ll do that live on the stream tomorrow, and talk you through everything I’m asking and how the ethereal software is replying.

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