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To channel healing energy, you need to clearly send your intent to the source of the energy, and ask for the right type of energy. That’s energetic communication, a key skill also used for psychic intuitions, communicating with ethereal beings, and more.

To prepare for energetic communication, I say to hold a little quiet energy in your head. I say this will boost the signal and give you better results.

But how? Why? And if you can’t hold the energy very quiet, what should you do?

Today’s intermediate post will answer those questions.

How communication works

When you think a question, such as, “Should I go to the party tonight,” the nerves in your brain fire. An MRI can read that activity to determine the words or image that you were thinking of. That neural activity also causes changes in the energy around those nerves, which ethereal software reads to determine your intent.

Receiving a message is the reverse process: The ethereal software sends energy to your brain, gently encouraging the corresponding nerves to fire. If your brain is in a receptive state, the energy will cause the message to enter your thoughts.

We’re going to use this understanding to send and receive more clearly.

Why quieting is essential

Normally, the brain has some areas with more energy and some areas with less. There are energy signatures corresponding to stress or calm or whatever your mood is, and these energy signatures are stronger in some areas and weaker in others. The energy of your brain right now is quite different from the energy of your brain an hour ago, or an hour from now, or tomorrow.

Here’s the thing: The message you want to send or receive has very little to do with these hour-by-hour variations. You’re trying to send the message, “Send the broad healing energy to the tissue between my hands.” You’re not trying to send your stress, or fatigue, or the fact that some part of your brain is a little more active this afternoon. All of those variations are just noise, and get in the way of sending or receiving the message.

But it gets worse: The signatures of your message come from the momentary firing of nerves. They are tiny, low-intensity signatures, much weaker than the signature of stress or hunger or whatever else is going on. Those long-term mood signatures will drown out the moment-by-moment signatures of your thoughts.

When you quiet your energy, it smoothes out all of those noisy signatures. This is true of the energy of your hand, and it’s also true of the energy of your brain. Quieting the energy of your brain mixes together the signatures, smooths out the differences, and gives a single uniform signature that’s more or less the same every time you do communication.

This uniformity is key. It eliminates the noise, and makes it so that the only significant changes to your signature come from your message.

When you quiet your energy, you’re not fighting against some external energy that is interfering with the communication. You are simply handling the natural energy of your brain to prepare it to be a good sender and receiver.

How extra energy boosts the signal

Sometimes, nerves can be a little low on chi. My best guess is that this happens when you’re tired or hungry or otherwise under-resourced, and the nerves of the brain become less active and produce less chi. Or maybe this is just the natural state, that nerves at rest (like when watching TV) produce less chi than they can hold.

(Note that “nerves low on chi” is different from “quiet energy.” Quieting your energy doesn’t mean expelling your energy, it just means making your energy steady.)

Regardless of the reason, the problem is straightforward: Remember how you were going to think a message, and your nerves were going to fire and produce a little extra chi, and that extra chi was going to communicate your intent to the ethereal software? Well, if your nerves are low on chi, they will absorb that extra chi, and there’s no message for the ethereal software to read.

The solution is simple: Build a little extra energy in your body and move it up to your head. This ensures that your nerves are full of chi. Then, when you think the message, and the nerves fire and produce a little extra chi, that extra chi will be available to read.

But here’s the key: That extra energy absolutely must be quiet. When I first tried it years ago, at the suggestion of a reader of my blog, it felt like a howling wind in my thoughts. I could feel that there was a tremendous amount of energy there, but I couldn’t make out any of what was being said. I was only able to hear the noise of my own energy. I learned that using a tenth as much energy, but making it very quiet, was key to good communication.

How to learn this skill

Build a little energy, move it to your head. then move most of it out of your head. You don’t need to hold a lot of energy, you just want to allow your nerves to fill up.

Now focus on quieting whatever energy has remained in your head. This is the main skill to good communication. And if you practice quieting your energy in your hand, or your body, or your connection, you will be strengthening this skill as well.

Then, with each message, just check in and make sure that your energy is still quiet. Practice holding it quiet and re-quieting it as you do your communication.

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