Beginners learn so many techniques. One energy to help relax. Another to help focus. Another for happiness. And so on.

Here’s the secret: Those techniques all sound different, but they’re really all the same technique. Once you learn it, you can apply it just about everywhere.

This post will teach you the recipe behind those beginner techniques, and how to create your own healing energy.

Note: This post assumes you’re familiar with my guide on building an energy visualization.

A Recipe

Imagine a pancake cookbook. You open to blueberry pancakes, read how much flour, milk, and eggs to use, then it says, “Add blueberries.” The next day, you open to raspberry pancakes, and you notice the recipe is the same except it says, “Add raspberries.” Then chocolate chips: Same recipe, “Add chocolate chips.”

You might suspect they could have written a much shorter book that says, “To make X type of pancakes, use this recipe, then add X.” Maybe the entire book could even be a single blog post.

That’s what we’re doing here. I’m teaching you to make X type of energy, for basically any emotion X. We’ll use relaxation for the example, but as you read, realize you can substitute any emotion for “relaxation,” just like you can substitute any pancake addition for “blueberries.”

Templating the energy

Before you can use energy to promote relaxation (or whatever emotion X you’re seeking), you need to learn the energy your brain naturally produces when you’re relaxed (or in emotion X). Here’s how:

1. Get yourself into a relaxed state. You might do this by thinking of the last time you felt really relaxed, or by visualizing a place where you feel relaxed, or just by noticing when you’re naturally relaxed and doing the exercise then.

2. Tune in to the energy in your head. Not the tension in your jaw, not the racing or slowness of your thoughts, but the chi that your brain is naturally producing. (Practice tuning in to chi with this energy game.)

3. Notice how that chi feels. Tune in to its texture, the details of the energy. Does the tingling or heat feel different? Is there a second aspect of the sensation? If you perceive energy as a color, is this a different color? Are there dots, sparks, or anything else? Remember, all of these perceptions are just the way your unconscious represents the energy — there aren’t literal sparks or dots. But your goal is to learn the language of your unconscious, and the only way to do that is to listen to your unconscious.

4. Make a visualization that represents that energy. Bring in any textures, sensations, colors, and so on that you perceive. Remember, “visualization” also refers to imagining sensations, sounds, and other senses.

5. Test it out: Using your visualization, build the energy in your torso, then move it to your head. Notice how you feel. If you’ve done it right, it should be an obvious shift, a fuller relaxation than from just meditating (or whatever emotion X you’re seeking).

Using the energy when you need it

Now that you’ve templated the energy and made a visualization for it, you’re ready to use it when you need it.

Maybe you want to relax at the end of a workday, or after taking care of your kids. Maybe it’s some other time, or some other emotion X that you chose to template for this recipe (like blueberry vs raspberry vs chocolate pancakes). Whatever you chose, think about a time when you would want that emotion to be more accessible to you.

When that situation comes up, use the visualization to build energy in your chest, and move it up to your head. Notice how you feel. And remember, this energy is additive with any meditation, gratitude, or other practices you do — use all your tools, don’t rely on the energy to do everything.

That’s it. That’s the recipe: Template the energy, build the energy when you need it. That’s the formula for most of the beginner techniques I teach.

Advanced: Energy healing for knees

My first energy healing technique worked the same way: A friend with chronic knee pain came to me. She had been a runner, but had given it up years earlier. I felt the energy of her inflamed knees, felt the energy of my healthy knees, and adjusted the energy of her knees to match the energy of my healthy knees. And, for someone new to energy healing, the results were amazing: After a few months of weekly sessions, her knee pain was low enough that she could resume running. All from the approach of finding the desired energy signature (my healthy knee) and matching it.

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