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Healing lab has always focused on in-person sessions. But with quarantine showing no sign of ending, I’m shifting focus to distance sessions.

Today, I want to share how we’re doing it, why we’re not following the normal route of relying on video calls, and how we’re adapting our marketing.

This is part of a new monthly post I’m doing with tips for professional energy workers. Please let me know what you think.

Why I prefer in-person sessions

My focus has been on in-person sessions for two reasons:

First, they’re much easier. This goes hand in hand with my overall approach of sending just the right energy to each tissue. When I work with somebody’s knee, I have one energy for their cartilage, another for their bursa, another for their tendons, and a fourth for their nerves. Each of those energies needs to go to the right tissue — if I send the nerve energy to a client’s cartilage, it won’t help them. And targeting the right tissue is much easier when I can touch their knee, know exactly where my connections enter their body, and map out all the tissue. At distance, even finding a client’s knee takes some work.

Second, plausibility. Only 1% of Americans consume energy healing. The other 99% think it’s silly. And that 99%? That’s my market. All those people who have arthritis and think energy healing is silly. Most of my clients tell me, “I’m only trying this because of your money-back guarantee.” They’re skeptics until after the first session. And it’s much easier for them to believe in energy healing where I’m touching their knee than an energy healing where I’m meditating while talking to them over a video call. I anticipate skeptics being much more skeptical of distance sessions.

This is why I haven’t been doing distant sessions until now, except with existing clients, where I already have connections to their energy body, and they already trust my work. This is why I have returned to tech consulting through the quarantine, because banking money now is the best way to have Healing Lab in really good shape 5 years from now. I still think that’s true. But I’m tired of waiting to do what I love.

My unique approach to distance healing

When I’ve done distance sessions in the past, I’ve set up a video call and connected to the person based on their image and voice. That’s the way that pretty much everyone does it.

But you know what? I’m not certain that actually works. I mean, I think it does, but if it turned out that it didn’t, that distance sessions where you’ve never met the person aren’t reliable, I wouldn’t be all that surprised. And I don’t want to base my business on something that I’m not certain works.

I’m very confident the distance sessions work with clients that I’ve previously seen in person. My first time with this, a client emailed me that the combination of acupuncture, physical therapy, my energy, and a bunch of other work had resulted in his back being in spasm. By the time I got his email, he was in meetings for the day, away from his phone.

I replied that I was going to adjust the energy, then I connected and did my work for 20 minutes, then emailed him again to let him know what I’d done. He didn’t get either email until the end of the day, but during that 20-minute window, his pain disappeared and he looked at the clock and thought to himself, “I wonder if Mike did something.” He was never a skeptic after that.

This has happened many times now, including a client who saw a flash of light a few minutes before getting my email.

So I’m quite confident that I can send energy to someone I’ve already made a connection to. The problem is establishing that connection with someone I’ve never met, and connecting to the right location in their body. And for that, I have a novel solution:

Establish a connection to an object. Mail that object to the client. Then, during the session, they touch that object to the joint I’m working with. This lets me establish a strong connection to them, lets me guide them to touch the inside of the knee, then the outside of the knee, then the top of the area that hurts, then the bottom of the area that hurts, just like I would do with my fingertips in person.

I don’t know if this will make a distance session plausible to skeptics. But it will make me much more confident in the results, and make it much easier for me to do the work. And that’s easily worth a little delay to let the post office deliver my connection.

How distance sessions are changing my marketing

For in-person sessions, my marketing is tailored to skeptics. I want people who would normally never consider energy healing, so I mostly talk about holistic healing and the money-back guarantee. My goal is to get them in the door, and let the results speak for themselves.

I don’t think this will work for distance sessions. I don’t think skeptics will trust me enough to even give me their phone number. But, with a larger market comes greater flexibility.

Currently, around 60 million Americans have arthritis. Roughly half of that is osteoarthritis. If 99% of the population thinks energy healing is silly, that’s still 300,000 people with osteoarthritis who are open to energy healing. That’s my target market.

It’s actually really exciting. I get to redesign my marketing to focus on what I actually do. I get to talk to people who are excited about it, rather than skeptical. At least, that’s what I’m hoping. I’ll post again as I get started on this work.

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This weekend, I’ll talk about distance energy healing and answering your questions, about the marketing and the techniques.

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  1. Ruatha August 22, 2020 at 12:57 pm - Reply

    I really like the idea of having the person at the other end move an item to spots on the body that need the healing. To me, it seems like it’s usefulness is mainly for confidence of the person I am healing over distance. To me, I can produce the same results by having the person I am healing place their hands on their body the same way I would. So I may try that approach at some point.
    One thing that I do which I don’t see other energy healers do often is talk the client through feeling the energy flowing through their body, talk them through visualizations, and use both their own internal healing capacity along with my own. I’ve been doing that over phone or text for years now, and they are often surprised when I correct them on details, like making the energy /visualization complete because they forgot a body part or something like that. Maybe that’s why I’ve never used other aids to create connections, but it’s great to have other methods available.

  2. Mike August 30, 2020 at 12:59 pm - Reply

    That’s a great point about giving the client more confidence. A friend said something similar, that it gave the client agency. It’s so interesting to see one solution through many eyes, where something I made to simplify the process of connecting to a client can also be about confidence and agency. Thank you for writing!

    If you try it, please let me know how it works for you.

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