I have a physical workout routine, a few exercises to work most of my muscles.

What’s the equivalent for energy?

Here is my 10-minute, five-step workout, adjusted for students with 1-3 years of experience with energy.

Each step should take only a couple of minutes. Then, if you want to practice more, pick one skill to develop, and focus on it until you are mentally or energetically fatigued.

1. Engage your ethereal muscles

Your ethereal muscles are the parts of your mind that drive energy. They’re part of your energy body, not your physical body. They connect to your brain.

Step one of all energy practice is engaging your ethereal muscles.

When I really don’t want to practice, I allow myself to just engage my ethereal muscles and then rest. At least half the time, once I engage them, I wind up doing some other practice.

Advanced: I also make sure each ethereal muscle is powered sufficiently.

Read about the technique, mental posture.

2. Build and move energy

After engaging your ethereal muscles, engage the rest of your energy body.

I don’t always build and move energy myself. But I like to engage the rest of my energy body, becoming consciously aware of it and noticing how it feels.

But until building and moving energy is very, very easy, I would recommend doing it everyday.

Advanced: Build energy in a specific signature, such as calming energy, muscle relaxation energy, the energy of healthy nerves, etc.

Read about building and moving energy.

3. Quiet your energy

To read the energy of a client, or of an energy source you’re using, or of a spirit, or anything else, you must first quiet your own energy.

I’ve been doing this for so long that I no longer practice it explicitly. But every day, I read the energy of my body or my ethereal muscles or something else. And to do that, I wind up quieting my energy.

But for my students who have not yet mastered quieting their energy, which is currently every one of my students, I recommend practicing this everyday.

Advanced: Make a sensory connection and read the energy of specific tissues in your body.

Read about quieting your energy.

4. Open and close your energy pores

Sometimes I want to let my energy mix with the energy around me, like when I’m with good friends or a romantic partner.

Other times I want to block all the energy, like when I’m at the mall or at a protest.

Most of the time I want to let a little bit of the energy around me in, while blocking most of it.

The technique to practice is opening and closing one’s energy pores. being able to do this quickly, without much focus, is wonderful for when I’m out somewhere and suddenly realize I don’t like the energy around me.

And, for the rare occasions when a spirit or a person is draining my energy, being practiced doing this quickly is very helpful.

As I planned this post, I realized that I haven’t been practicing opening and closing my energy pores. I was a bit rusty, it was slower and took more focus than usual. But it felt really good. So from now on, as part of my daily practice, I’m going to open my energy pores, close them, and return them to half open. And I’m going to recommend that my students do the same.

Advanced: Consider different types of pores. Some are only for physical touch, some are for moving energy across the room, some are for connections to ethereal software, and so on. Consider every type of energy and connection you’ve worked with, and close the corresponding energy pores.

Read about opening and closing your energy pores.

5. Mental communication

Whether it’s manifesting, psychic intuitions, channeling healing energy, or talking with spirits, communicating your thoughts and intents is key to a wide range of practices.

The great thing is, all of those practices build on the same fundamental skills of communication. So you can practice any one of them to develop this skill.

Once you’re good enough with psychic intuitions to use them practically, you’ll probably want to use them every day. But until you get there, make a point of practicing communication as part of your daily routine.

Read about mental communication.

Putting it all together

Those skills form the basis of most techniques we do, from energy healing to psychic intuitions to manifesting to everything else.

By making those skills into a daily 10-minute routine, you can maintain your skills and develop faster.

Then, on days where you feel resourced to do a little more, pick one of those skills to practice until you reach the point of mental or energetic fatigue.

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