Occasionally, after practicing energy, a student will feel odd. They may even develop a headache. It’s happened to me more than a few times in my decades of study.

The common answer is to release the energy after you are done. This is often called grounding.

Grounding works fine for normal energy headaches. But for strong energy headaches, I’d sometimes ground but still have a lingering headache. Grounding helped, but wasn’t enough.

This post covers a new, stronger approach I developed. Based on testing by me and my students, it solves strong energy headaches more completely, and solves normal energy headaches faster than grounding.

Don’t worry too much about energy headaches

Students sometimes become worried about energy headaches every time they practice. Don’t.

Headaches happen for dozens of reasons: Dehydration, hunger, stress, and more.

Energy headaches are no worse than other headaches. It’s worth knowing what to do, but don’t worry about them.

Energy headache 101

Your body has a preferred energy signature — a type of energy that it naturally produces.

When you practice with energy, you will build energy in a variety of signatures. For example, beginners learn to use calming energy. More advanced students learn other types of energy, and even learn to develop their own energy signatures.

Some of these signatures will be poorly aligned to your body’s preferred energy.

Having too much of that poorly aligned energy in your body for too long can produce an energy headache. This is especially true of poorly aligned energy in your head.

The inverse is true also: Having a large quantity of well aligned energy makes me feel more awake and alert.

This is key: It’s not too much energy that causes an energy headache.

Rather, the problem is having poorly aligned energy.

The limitations of grounding

When we ground, we are expelling any excess energy, including any excess of poorly matched energy.

This has a few limitations:

  1. After expelling the excess of poorly aligned energy, our energy body needs to reset. This will happen slowly over time as our cells produce new chi, but it would happen a lot faster if we drove that reset. I’ll show you how below.
  2. If the energy in our body is especially poorly aligned, even a small amount can cause problems. In other words, there doesn’t need to be an excess of it to cause problems. In this case, grounding will reduce the problems, but not actually prevent them.

The technique in this post solves both of those problems.

Preventing energy headaches by resetting your energy

Our goal isn’t just to expel the energy. It’s to reset the signature of our energy to our body’s preferred energy signature, or one that works with it.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Expel any excess energy you have. Visualize the energy leaving your body. (This is grounding.)
  2. Build energy in your normal energy signature. Just use your default energy visualization. Think of this energy like clean water that you’re going to use to rinse everything out.
  3. Spread this energy throughout your body, and especially up to your head.
  4. Hold this energy in your body until you start to feel better. Let it move your energy body toward a signature that’s healthy for you. This is often a matter of seconds, but may take a few minutes if the unhealthy energy has sat in your body for a long time.
  5. Expel the energy, both the old energy and the new energy you just built. Don’t worry about expelling every last drop, but push most of it out. If you are used to working with energy pores, open your pores when you expel.

Here’s how this technique solves the two problems we outlined above:

The fresh energy will fill our energy body, quickly bringing it back to a healthy state.
Any remaining poorly aligned energy will mix with the fresh energy and become dilute. We may be left with a tiny amount, but far less, meaning a far smaller impact, and that it’s faster for our body to finish the reset.

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