This blog is about energy healing. It’s not political. And yet, how can one not be political right now?

I’ve been thinking about how energy healing can help with protests. Not as a way to sit in one’s room and meditate instead of taking action, but as a way to be even more effective when attending a protest.

Calming Chi

Protests can be intense. Scary, even, especially with the reports of police violence. Staying calm can help you be present, help you think clearly, and help you be more effective.

Try this: Before you go out, build some calming chi. That’s energy matching the energy signature of your brain when you’re calm.

But how long will that energy stay with you? You’ll be in a crowd, everyone’s emotions running high. You don’t want to absorb their chi, and you don’t want your calming chi leaving your body.

The answer is to close your energy pores. These are the openings in your energy body that let energy in and out. Here’s how to close your energy pores.

Then, while you’re at the protest, tap into that calming chi: Tune in to the energy in your body, notice the calming chi (it’ll have a different signature than your normal energy), and move it up to your head.

This won’t make protests calm. But maybe it can help take a little of the edge off, help make you a little more thoughtful and effective throughout an intense experience.

Realistic Expectations

I sometimes hear energy healers talk about spreading a calming energy over a room or a crowd. At a protest, this is expecting too much of energy.

Why? First, realize that “energy” can refer to many phenomena. An eloquent speaker with a calming energy isn’t using their chi, they are using their words, tone of voice, and other aspects of communication. So a person who uses their “energy” to calm people is probably not using their chi.

I have experience using chi to calm people. It requires a high dose, spread throughout their head. And even then, the chi only helps the person calm themselves down, it doesn’t force someone to become calm.

Use calming chi on yourself. Use it on your friend. Let your calm presence and limbic system help the people around you stay calm too.

But don’t expect your calm chi to affect the crowd. And don’t expect it to affect someone who might be violent, whether protester or officer.

Can energy healing help with tear gas?

This one is speculation, but it may help someone.

Tear gas works by irritating mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs. In other words, it creates inflammation.

The broad healing energy I teach beginners has components for inflammation. To my knowledge, the energy from most healing systems does.

First, of course, get away from the tear gas. Wash it off (I’ve heard to use milk rather than water, but I’m not an expert here). Don’t use energy instead of hygiene and common sense. But maybe then try energy healing.

A few (advanced) thoughts on effectiveness:

Most inflammation I see is mechanical, caused by overusing a joint. But sometimes I see inflammation caused by chemical reactions, like with peripheral neuropathy from chemotherapy.

Tissue inflamed by chemicals has a different energy signature than that same tissue inflamed by overuse. It requires a different healing energy signature.

I would expect tear gas to cause the chemical inflammation signature, and require the corresponding healing signature. My broad healing energy currently is only set up for mechanical inflammation, not chemical. So it may not be a match for tear gas. I’m unsure about the energy of other systems of healing.

Again, this is pure speculation. I haven’t read the energy of tissue exposed to tear gas, nor tested any healing techniques. But if you are unfortunate enough to be exposed to tear gas, try channeling whatever healing energy you use, and see if it helps.

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