This post is by my student Tiffany.

To become an energy healer, I need to be able to read a client’s energy.

For the past month, I’ve been learning to quiet my energy. That’s a key skill for sensing a client’s energy body, and my current growth edge.

Today, I want to share three problems I ran into when learning to quiet my energy, and what worked for me to solve them.

Quick Review: What is “quiet energy”?

When you feel a person’s energy, what you’re really feeling is a change in the energy around your own body.

But most people’s energy is changing all the time. Think of your energy as a symphony, with dozens of musicians playing at once. It’s beautiful, but it’s hard to pick out a single musician.

When you listen for a client’s energy, that’s exactly what you’re trying to do: Hear a single musician. Their energy is the soloist, and you need to quiet your energy to hear them.

What specifically does quiet energy mean? Quiet energy is steady and slow. It doesn’t change on its own.

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My hands wouldn’t get quiet

When I quiet my energy, I picture all the energy in my hands becoming smooth like still water. I used that visualization, but my energy still felt “loud,” a warm tingling moving around my hand.

I tried again, more focused and for longer. The warm tingling persisted.

Then I remembered a tip from Mike: I felt for the parts of my hand that still felt loud. It was two fingers, and the back of my hand. I tried focusing on one finger, quieting it. And it felt quieter!

My fingers won’t stay quiet

I moved my awareness around my hand like a spotlight, to each finger, each part of my hand that felt loud. I was able to quiet each loud spot as I moved my awareness around my hand.

But it took five minutes to move my awareness through my whole hand. And by the time I was done, the first parts of my hand were loud again.

I could quiet any one spot, but still not my hand.

Mike recommended that I practice holding my energy quiet, so I could hold each spot quiet while I worked on the rest of my hand.

Can I really quiet anything?

The next day, I practiced. I quieted the energy of my hand as much as I could, and tried to hold it quiet. I couldn’t last even a minute.

And still, my hand wasn’t really quiet. Even my fingers had a mild warmth and tingling. Nothing was really quiet.

How could I practice holding my energy quiet when I couldn’t get my energy quiet in the first place?

I checked in again with Mike. He explained that quiet is a spectrum: Energy isn’t 100% quiet or 100% not-quiet. It can be a little bit quiet, or mostly quiet, or anything in between. The mild tingling was still somewhat quiet, and I could improve on that.

I began asking myself, where was my energy on that spectrum? At rest, my energy was loud, warm and tingly. When quiet, it felt smooth and cool.

I practiced this for a few minutes every day. There was indeed a spectrum between those two extremes. The tingling heat softened, cooled, and smoothed out as my energy got quieter.

I focused on holding my hands as quiet as I could. After a few days, I was up to 3 minutes of semi-quiet, and my hands actually got quieter as I held them quiet.

Then the real test: Could I hold my hands quiet while doing something else? In the future, the “something else” would be quieting those fingers that kept staying loud, but for now I needed an easy exercise. (And some day, that “something else” would be working with a client.)

I quieted my hands as much as I could, then distracted myself with Facebook. A few minutes later, I tuned in to my hands, and felt only a mild warm tingling. My hands weren’t really quiet, but they were still a little bit quiet.

I started timing how long I could maintain that moderate level of quiet. Each day I improved. After a week, I was able to keep my hands mostly quiet for 5 minutes while distracted, which was enough for the next step.

Quieting my hands (Finally!)

Now that I could hold my energy quiet, I returned to the first task. I swept my awareness through my hands, quieting them as I went. Before, my energy lost its quietness too quickly. But now, I was able to hold each finger quiet as I moved my awareness throughout my hand.

I still need more practice. But now I’m in a place where I can quiet my hands, maintain that quiet, and build up those skills.

I hope you found these tips helpful in learning to quiet your own energy.


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