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It’s easy to think of energy as one single thing. As a beginner, we often focus on building energy, sending energy, or feeling energy, without talking about the type of energy we are using.

In truth, energy comes in many different types, sometimes called frequencies, colors, elements, or signatures. All of those words refer to this same phenomenon, that different energies feel and behave differently.

The basics: Different tissues

Energy, or chi, is produced by living cells.

Muscle cells produce a different type of energy than tendon cells, nerve cells, or other cells.

Inflamed muscle produces a different type of energy than a healthy muscle.

Inflamed tendon produces energy that is in some ways similar to inflamed muscle, and in other ways similar to healthy tendon. I’ve spent many hours over many months and years refining my ability to see those similarities and differences, because that skill is very useful for developing better healing techniques.

Nerves that are signaling pain produce a different form of energy than nerves at rest. This is key for many of my healing techniques.

Nerves that are bathed in cortisol produce a different form of energy than nerves bathed in oxytocin. In this way, you could say that stress or anger has an energy, though usually when people talk about an “angry energy,” they mean a sense of anger based on the person’s tone of voice, facial expression, and body posture.

The point is: Different tissues produce different energies, both based on the type of tissue, and on its state (healthy, inflamed, etc). So, if you read the energy in your hand, head, and chest, you will be reading energy with three different signatures. (Actually, three different combinations of signatures, as your hand contains muscle, tendon, and other tissue, your head contains the brain, skull, and other tissue, and so on.)

Healing energy

You may now suspect, there is no one healing energy that is right for every condition.

Think about energy signature like color. Imagine it like paint. If inflamed muscle is red, and healthy muscle is purple, then we want to add blue energy to change the inflamed red muscle into healthy purple muscle. The details of how we do that can become complicated, but at a high level, that’s what we want to do.

Inflamed tendon has a different energy signature than inflamed muscle. Let’s say that inflamed tendon is red, and healthy tendon is orange. Then we would want to add yellow energy to the inflamed yellow tendon to change it to healthy orange tendon.

As you might imagine, the blue healing energy for inflamed muscle and the yellow healing energy for inflamed tendon are two different energies.

What about so-called “universal” healing energies? These either contain multiple healing energies, or the source of the energy figures out the right type of healing energy for the particular tissue and condition.

For example, in my beginner class, we learn to channel a broad healing energy. When you send that to a person, the source of the healing energy figures out whether to send energy for inflammation, muscle spasm, or anxiety, and adjusts the healing energy based on the tissue it’s working with (the blue muscle versus the yellow tendon).

Learning to notice different energies

You can explore how different energies feel to you. Here are some resources. (Note: Some resources use a technique called sensory connections, but you can do the same exercises by just extending your awareness to the edge of your energy field, as described in the first few posts.)

Sensing energy

Energy signature: Feeling the texture and other details

Reading the signature of different tissues

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