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“How can I know when I’ve made a connection?” Sophia asked.

A connection carries energy. Sophia is learning to make sensory connections, which are used to read the energy of a client’s body. But before you can make a sensory connection, you have to be able to just make a connection, and have it be at rest, neither sending nor receiving energy.

Sophia’s question is very common. If we’re not sending energy, and we’re not sensing a person’s energy, then the connection is passive. It’s not doing anything at the moment. And if it’s not doing anything, how can we know if we’ve made it correctly?

Here’s how you tell:

Hold your hand a couple inches from your leg. Send energy through the air to your leg. Without a connection, you’ll notice a little bit of resistance or pause before the energy starts moving.

But if you have a connection, the energy will flow easily and smoothly. The connection is like a road for the energy to follow.

It doesn’t matter how you made the connection, whether you extended the connection through the air or you made the connection while touching your leg and maintained it as you moved your hand away. If you have a connection, the energy will follow it.

In fact, that initial pause when you don’t have a connection, that’s because your unconscious mind is creating a connection for your energy to follow. At least, that’s part of the reason for the pause. There might be some other reasons too.

Note that this only applies to sending energy through a few inches of air. If you’re touching your leg, there’s no need to establish a connection, so there’s no initial resistance. And if you are sending the energy across the room, ethereal software gets involved, so it’s not a simple connection anymore.

So that’s how to tell: Try sending energy through a few inches of air and see if there’s initial resistance or not. That will tell you if you’ve successfully created (or maintained) your connection.

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