Sensing the chi of a client’s body is key to effective energy healing. It lets us send the right energy to the right tissue.

But it turns out, simply intending to feel chi doesn’t let you feel it. Not reliably. It turns out, there’s a technique to sensing energy.

To sense a client’s energy, we must quiet our own energy. It’s one of the key skills to developing as an energy worker.

This post answers a common misconception about quieting your energy.

(Quieting is also key to noticing the energy source we channel, as well as many other techniques.)

A question about quieting

When we sense energy, what we’re really feeling is a shift in the energy around our own body.

Normally, our energy is moving all on its own, so it’s hard to recognize which shifts are caused by someone else’s energy and which shifts are just happening on their own. By quieting our energy, we make it smooth and steady, so the only changes are from the other person’s energy, making them easy to spot.

(For details on quieting your energy, see this post.)

A student asked, “So I just hold my hand steady, and my energy stops moving, right?”

And I realized, when I said that their energy “moved all on its own,” it sounded like their energy body was waving at people and doing gymnastics. Which isn’t what I meant at all.

What quieting your energy really means

Quieting isn’t about your energy body moving from one place to another.

Quieting is about your energy shifting signature.

The energy signature is the type of energy. You might have heard it described as the energy’s texture, color, or frequency. More on energy signature.

Your energy body isn’t waving at people. But it is changing signature constantly.

When your attention shifts, your energy signature changes.

When the nerves in your brain fire, your energy signature changes.

As your body digests food, your energy signature changes.

Your energy signature changes even when you sit perfectly still.

Quieting your energy is about learning to hold your energy signature steady, even as subtle changes occur in your attention, brain, and body.

By holding our energy signature steady, we can notice when someone else’s energy has a different signature, notice details about their energy signature, and learn to read the energy of clients, students, and other people to help us be better with energy and healing.

Read more about quieting your energy.

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