Between novel coronavirus, shelter-in-place, and the economy, there’s a lot of anxiety these days. Here are two energy techniques to help.

Energy for Calm

An energy signature refers to the type of energy. Living cells produce this energy, and the signature of energy depends on the state of the cells. Healthy cells produce healthy chi, inflamed cells produce inflamed chi, and so-on.

For the nerves in the brain, those states include emotions. A calm person’s brain produces energy in a distinct signature. And bathing in that energy tends to help the person become more calm.

There are two ways to use energy healing to help calm yourself or your loved ones.

Channeling Calming Energy

If you’ve been to my classes, you can channel calming energy from the ethereal software. (If not, see “Making Calming Energy” below.)

The energy contains three components: One for inflammation, one for muscle spasm, and another for calming nerves. The energy behaves like a program, and will apply only the components that are needed. When you channel the energy to your brain, the ethereal software knows to send the energy for calming.

To channel the energy, see this guide.

For anxiety, channel the energy to your head. To get your entire head is 3 steps:

  • Place your hands on the sides of your head and ask for the broad healing energy between your hands.
  • Then place your hands on your forehead and the back of your head and ask for the broad healing energy again.
  • Then place your hands on the top of your head and the base of your neck, and ask again.

Then ask for the energy to be stable and ongoing.

Making Calming Energy

This is a two-part technique. You’ll get into a calm, relaxed state, read the energy of your brain, and template the energy of your brain. Then, at some later time when you want to become calm and relaxed, you’ll build energy with that signature.

Templating the Energy

You’re going to use a meditation to get into a calm, relaxed state, so that your brain is naturally producing energy in a calm signature. Then you’re going to feel that energy and create a visualization for it.

The meditation follows. I recommend you read the whole thing before doing it, including the section about creating a visualization. If you read as you go, you may enter a more analytical state, rather than the calm, relaxed state we’re looking for.

Note: If you have your own meditation that calms and relaxes you, feel free to use that instead of the one below.

Meditation for Calm Relaxation

Think of a place you find relaxing. It might be a beach, or a forest trail, or your home, or somewhere else. Imagine you are there. Take at least three breaths to consider what you see.

Take another three or more breaths to consider what you hear. Another three for touch. Is there a warm sun? How does it feel to walk here?

And another three for scents. What do you smell here?

Notice your breathing. Its pace, its depth. Just notice it. And notice how easy it is to slow and deepen it, just a little, and how relaxing that can be.

Take your time to consider the experience of being in this relaxing place.

Read Your Energy

Notice the chi in your head.

I say “chi” here because “energy” has many meanings. Often, when people “feel a calm energy,” they notice the lack of muscle tension in their chest and face, the increased depth of their breathing, and the slower pace of their thoughts. They use “energy” to mean “bodily expression of emotions” and “attention.” Chi is different.

We want to read your chi, not the other phenomena. Most people weren’t taught the difference, so this can take some practice.

Quiet the chi in your head. (Here’s how.) Tune in to it in the same way you tuned in to your partner’s energy in the Energy Dojo game, and read the chi of your brain.

How does it feel? How is it different from the energy you were working with earlier?

This is the energy we will build for calm relaxation.

Create an Energy Visualization

Follow the steps in this guide to create a visualization that represents how this energy feels.

Remember, visualizations are a conversation between your conscious mind and your unconscious, so do whatever feels most natural to you.

Take a minute to contemplate this visualization, including visual, tactile, and auditory components. Think about all the ways it represents the energy you’re feeling in your head. This will help cement the association between visualization and energy in your mind.

Now we’re ready to use it.

Using the Energy

This energy is templated on a calm, relaxed brain. To use it, build this energy, then move it into your head.

Using your new visualization, build energy in your torso. Since this energy is templated on your brain, it won’t have much impact there.

Still, pause to notice how it feels to have this energy in your body, and how this energy compares to the energy that you may have noticed at other times in your body.

Move the energy up to your head, and notice how that feels. Most people notice a much larger impact here, and a deeper relaxation than they experienced from the visualization alone.

If you feel buzzy, overly alert, or like a headache is coming on, you’re probably using too much energy. Pull some of the energy back into your torso, and look for an amount of energy that feels calm, relaxing, and good.

Take some time to notice and enjoy this feeling.

Re-Using the Energy

Once you have found the right visualization, you can use this energy whenever you want. There’s no need to redo the templating process, unless you don’t use the energy for a long time and forget how it feels.

(If you do forget the feel of the energy, just redo the templating.)

Sharing the Calming Energy

Now that you know how to help yourself be calm, here’s how you can share it with others.

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