Last week, we walked through two techniques to help calm your own nerves with energy healing. Today, we’re using those healing techniques on others.

Note: This post builds on last week’s post, Energy healing for calming.

Consent First

Informed consent is key to ethical practice.

Before sharing the calming energy, talk with your friend about it. Tell them how you learned it, and what to expect based on your own experience.

The rest of this post assumes they said they want to experience this energy.

Channeling Calming Energy

If you’ve been to my classes, you’ve already channeled healing energy to others. (If not, see “Sharing Your Own Calming Energy” below.)

Just like channeling the calming energy to your own head, make sure to get your friend’s entire head. Place your hands on the sides of their head, then on the front and back of their head, then on the top and base of their head, channeling the broad healing energy each time. Then ask for the energy to be stable and ongoing.

For details, see last week’s post.

Sharing Your Own Calming Energy

This technique combines several skills we’ve discussed before:

If you’ve ever played energy games, send this calming energy just like you sent the energy to your partner’s hand. And here are three tips for sending energy.

You can touch their head, or hover your hands. Ask your friend if they have a preference.

You want the calming energy to reach their entire head. To do that, you can use any or all of these approaches:

  • Visualize the energy filling their whole head when you send the energy.
  • Move your gaze around their head, looking at different spots as you send. (Energy tends to follow where you look.)
  • Place your hands on the sides of their head, then on the front and back of their head, then on the top and base of their head, as outlined last week for channeling energy.

Most people will experience a relaxation similar to what you experience with this energy.

If they feel a buzzing or amped-up sensation, that usually means you sent too much energy. Visualize half your energy leaving their head, and see how they feel.

Handling Mismatches

I taught this technique for several years, and of those hundreds of people who shared energy, two found it unpleasant. So it’s important to know how to handle these side-effects.

Note: If you channel the healing energy, you don’t need to worry about mismatches — we’ve programmed the energy source to handle individual variations.

Your energy is templated on your brain. Occasionally, that energy will feel mismatched for someone else, and may produce sensations like buzzing, pressure, or lack of focus, even after you reduce the amount of energy you’re sending.

To help avoid mismatches, test the energy on your friend’s body before sending it to their head. Send it to their stomach or chest, and ask them how it feels. If it feels pleasant, or if they don’t notice anything, send the energy to their head. But if the energy feels odd in their body, then your calming energy is not a match for them.

What if the energy feels OK in their stomach, but not great in their head? Withdraw your energy. If your friend knows how to use energy, have them move their own energy to their head to flush yours out.

If they don’t know how to build energy, that’s OK. The body naturally produces energy, and they should be back to normal before long.

But, as I said, side-effects are rare and mild. So talk with your friends and loved ones you’re sheltering-in-place with and try sharing some calming energy.

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