Rather than use their own chi, most energy healers channel an energy source.

These sources go by many names: The Universe, a matrix, an egregore, Jung’s Collective Unconscious, and more. Each term comes with its own explanation of what it is and how it works.

My work involves understanding these energy sources and programming in new capabilities. So the term I use is ethereal software.

“OK,” my friend says, “but what is ethereal software?”

Ethereal software is made of a stable, solidified energy. You can’t touch it, but you can use your chi to interact with it and draw healing energy from it. (And a great deal more as you learn more advanced techniques.)

Ethereal software is a tool you use, not part of yourself. It’s the source of the healing energy, psychic intuition, or other thing you channel.

Ethereal software reads your intent from your brain. As you think your intent, nerves in your brain fire, releasing tiny bits of chi, which is read by the ethereal software.

Ethereal software can do something straight-forward, like provide a broad healing energy. But it can do much more. For example, for insomnia, I developed a program that applies one energy when melatonin production starts in the brain, another energy while the person is sleeping, and a third energy when the person wakes in the middle of the night. The ethereal software reads the energy of the person’s brain to know when to apply which energy.

I didn’t find that program in some ancient ethereal software. That program didn’t even exist a few years ago. I created it: I figured out how to recognize each brain state, decided what healing energy I wanted, and programmed my ethereal software to do that. I named it the “multi-stage sleep healing energy.”

Now that it’s programmed, my advanced students can request the “multi-stage sleep healing energy” and get those healing energies for themselves, without needing to understand all the details of how the program works. But before I created the program, asking for the “multi-stage sleep healing energy” wouldn’t have done anything.

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