Energy, or chi, is produced by living cells. It pools around those cells, and affects the cells bathed in it.

Healthy cells produce healthy chi. Inflamed cells produce inflamed chi. If your knee is inflamed, that inflamed chi pools in your knee. Bathing in that inflamed chi isn’t good for the cells of your knee.
In contrast, if an inflamed chi is surrounded by just the right chi, it can promote health and healing. Clients report decreased pain, increased mobility, and more.

This post covers how to channel that healing chi to yourself and others.

Source of the energy

Rather than use their own chi, most energy healers draw energy from an energy source.

These sources go by many names: The Universe, a matrix, an egregore, Jung’s Collective Unconscious, and more. Each term comes with its own explanation of what it is and how it works.

My work involves understanding these energy sources and programming in new capabilities. So the term I use is ethereal software.

Ethereal software is made of a stable, solidified energy. You can’t touch it, but you can use your chi to interact with it and draw healing energy from it. (And a great deal more as you learn more advanced techniques.)

This post focuses on the ethereal software my students and I use in healing sessions. But the techniques apply to most ethereal software, including the energy sources that go by different names (The Universe, matrix, egregore, etc).

Channeling healing energy, step by step

1. Energize Your Head

Ethereal software will read your intent from your brain. As you think your intent, nerves in your brain fire, releasing tiny bits of chi, which is read by the ethereal software.

But if any tissue in your head is low energy, it can absorb those tiny bits of chi before the ethereal software can read your intent.

To prevent the other tissue from absorbing those tiny bits of chi, build some energy in your body and move a tiny bit to your head.

Then the most important step: Quiet the energy in your head. Otherwise, the additional energy can overwhelm the tiny bits of chi from your nerves, creating the energetic equivalent of static on a phone line.

2. Engage Your Mind

There are 86 billion neurons in the average human brain. The ethereal software can only read a tiny fraction of them.

Think about how it feels when the ethereal software connects to you. Where in your head did you feel it? Where in your thoughts do you feel its energy?

Think about engaging those parts of your mind, and keep them engaged as you work with the ethereal software.

(This step may take some time. It’s OK to skip it for now if you don’t feel like you have a sense of this.)

3. Reach for the Ethereal Software

Think again about where you feel the ethereal software in your head or your thoughts. Think of that feeling, and think about reaching out for the ethereal software with your energy. If you’ve named the ethereal software, think about the name you’ve given it.

Note that steps 1-3 apply to nearly all ethereal software, while steps 4 and 5 only apply to some ethereal software. If you’ve taken my classes and use my ethereal software, these steps will work as written. If you use other ethereal software, test these steps out, see what works, and use this as a starting point for your own exploration.

4. Direct the energy with your hands

This step makes more sense with a concrete example, so let’s discuss sending healing energy to a client’s knee.

Place your hands on either side of their knee. Engage your mind as in step 2, reach for the ethereal software, then think, “Send the broad healing energy to the tissue between my hands.” For most of the sentence, you can focus on the ethereal software, but for “my hands,” focus on your hands.

Pause a minute to feel the healing energy flow.

5. Repeat to define an area

Did your hands fully enclose all the tissue that needs healing energy? Probably not. I often have students set up energy to a knee, but miss the kneecap or hamstrings (because that tissue wasn’t between their hands).

Think about making a box. You probably placed your hands to the left and right of the knee. Now place your hands on the front and back (kneecap and hamstrings), and send the healing energy again.

Then place your hands above and below the knee, and send the healing energy again.

Now that you’ve got healing energy flowing to all the tissue, tell the ethereal software, “Make the energy stable and ongoing.” (Using the same approach as asking for healing energy in step 4.) Spend a minute feeling this energy flowing.

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