I love exploring energy. I don’t just want to do it — I need to do it.

Here’s what works for me to explore energy during stressful times, to dive in during quieter times, and to get the most out of whatever time I have to devote to energy:

  • A daily practice you enjoy doing to help you maintain your skill level, and prepare you for additional energy learning.
  • A technique that is a bit of a stretch at your current skill level. Practicing this tends to yield the biggest improvement in energy skill.
  • Energy games every few weeks to get objective feedback and guide your practice.

Daily Practice

The key to learning energy is simple. It’s the same as the key to learning most skills: Practice every day.

During busy periods of my life, I practice by finding something useful to do with energy.

For me, that includes energy healing for friends with pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression, along with other techniques.

If you’re new to energy, your only useful technique might be building or channeling the calming energy. That’s fine. One useful technique is all you need.

But don’t assume you’ll think to use that energy in the moment, when you’re stressed or distracted. Instead, think of times during your day when you’d like to feel more relaxed, and plan ahead when you want to use the energy.

Working on Your Growth Edge

The greatest growth happens by practicing techniques that are challenging but doable.

I typically identify one challenging technique that I want to work at. For example, when I write this, I’m practicing a technique to map out the deeper layers of a person’s energy body, which will let me apply better energy healing techniques.

Several times a week, I practice mapping those deeper layers of my own body. I do it until I reach mental fatigue, that feeling after taking a test or completing a large project.

Like physical exercise, the fatigue is the point. To build strength, I don’t do exactly ten push-ups and stop; I do push-ups until I’m tired. Same with practicing energy: Go until you’re tired.

Over time, it will take longer to reach fatigue. That’s good.

When I can comfortably sustain the technique for between ten and fifteen minutes, that means it’s comfortable for me. Then I’ll select a different challenging technique to practice several times a week.

If you’re new to energy, it may be that everything feels challenging. That’s fine. Here’s how to figure out where to start: Do the energy meditation. Build, move, and quiet your energy. Notice which steps feel comfortable and which are a stretch. The first step that feels challenging is your growth edge.

Energy Games to Guide Your Practice

This is a new addition in the past few years. It’s been an amazing boost to my rate of learning.

The goal is to know what’s working reliably, what’s working sometimes, and what’s not working, so you can focus your practice where it will matter the most.

Get together with a friend, play some energy games. Record your results, but have fun with it — the point is to learn, like soccer practice, not the SATs.

Let the results guide your other practice. For example: If you’re great at sending energy but have difficulty discerning energy, then practice discerning energy.

How to Meet People to Practice With

Playing energy games is the key to mastery. That’s why we hold a monthly practice session in Berkeley, CA. Come hone your skills, share healing energy, and connect with other energy explorers. Details in the events calendar.

We also have a Facebook group. We geek out about energy, share what we’re up to, and I answer questions from readers. Join Healing Lab Energy Dojo.

And if you’re not near Berkeley, look for like-minded energy explorers from your area on this post.

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