Modern Energy Healing, our 4-hour class, covers the fundamentals of energy healing.

Here, we’ve collected our posts on that material, plus a little bit more. Use it to review from the class and explore the next steps. Or, if you couldn’t make the class, use these resources to start learning energy healing yourself.

Energy healing: The scientific evidence

Ever been intimidated by skeptical questions about energy healing? Here’s what you need to know.

How to create energy visualizations that actually work

Why premade energy visualizations don’t work, and how to create visualizations that do.

The reliable way to sense energy (not just imagine it)

How to sense energy. Not just imagine tingling. Not just read a person’s emotions. But feel chi, blindfolded.

5 Tips for Feeling Energy

Quieting our energy allows us to observe the energy around us. Here are 5 tips for quieting energy from my year-long class.

3 TIps for Sending Energy

How to send energy where you intend, reliably.

Overwhelmed? Closing your energy boundary may help

How to control how much energy you’re getting from the people around you. (And how to let more in from the right people.) 

Learn to feel and move energy with this game

The first game I play with all my students, to master the fundamentals of energy.

Where does healing energy come from?

Every system of energy discusses the forces we channel. They go by many names: The Universe, a matrix, an egregore, Jung’s Collective Unconscious, and more. My term for these forces is ethereal software.

How to channel healing energy, step by step

Channel healing energy anytime with these 5 steps.

Growing as a healer: How to design an efficient practice routine

The key to learning energy is simple: Practice every day. Here are 3 ways I get the most out of my practice time.

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