Whether we’re healing, manifesting, or playing games, moving energy is a key skill of just about any practice.

My classes have blindfolded energy games, so students can be sure they’re successfully moving and feeling energy. We experiment with different ways of focusing, visualizing, holding our hands, and other aspects of sending energy, and the games show us what works and what doesn’t.

Below are the tips that have been most helpful to me and my students for reliably directing energy where we intend to send it.

Build Energy First

Before sending energy, build energy in your body so you have a reservoir to draw from. (Here’s how to visualize and build energy.)

Energy Follows Attention

To throw a ball accurately, look where you want the ball to go. To send energy, look where you want the energy to go. For the energy game, that’s the receiver’s hand, not your own hand. Visualize the energy flowing to their hand, just like you visualized the energy moving in your body earlier. But just visualizing isn’t enough — it seems to be necessary to look at their hand.

Keep the energy flowing as the receiver discerns where the energy is.

If the receiver reports feeling energy in both hands, that often indicates that your attention wandered. Return your focus to their hand, and look at their hand, not their body. Also, try sending less energy — feeling energy in both hands might mean your signal is too strong, and they picked up the fraction of your energy that wandered.

(And for the receiver, make sure to reset the energy in your hands fully between each round.)

Hover Your Hand. Or Don’t.

What do you do with your hands as you send energy?

It varies. Many people hold out one hand, hovering it several inches away from the receiver’s hand. Some people use two hands, one on either side of the receiver’s hand. One student points up at the sky and down at the earth while sending, looks at the receiver’s hand, and gets great results. There’s no right answer.

Looking at the receiver’s hand seems to be important. Everything else varies. Try different approaches and see what works best for you.

Bonus Tip: Avoid Subtle Clues

The point of the game is to get the receiver to feel your energy without the aid of expectations. We must eliminate subtle unintentional clues that would let them know where you’re sending the energy. For example:

When you speak, make sure your head is in the midline of their body, and look at the receiver (not their hand), so they can’t hear your voice coming from one side.

If a fan is on in the room, turn it off, or at least make sure your hand isn’t blocking the flow of air.
Hold your hand several inches away from theirs, so they can’t feel the heat of your palm.

Before you start sending, take a moment to consider any other subtle clues that may be present in your environment that could give away which hand you’re sending to, and try to eliminate them.

Where to Practice

Playing energy games is the key to mastery. That’s why we hold a monthly practice session in Berkeley, CA. Come hone your skills, share healing energy, and connect with other energy explorers. Details in the events calendar.

We also have a Facebook group. We geek out about energy, share what we’re up to, and I answer questions from readers.. Join Healing Lab Energy Dojo.

And if you’re not near Berkeley, look for like-minded energy explorers from your area on this post.

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