Reading the energy of a person’s body lets us direct the healing energy where it’s needed.

Each tissue in the body produces a distinct energy, which reflects both the type of tissue and the tissue’s state. So inflamed tendon produces a different energy than inflamed muscle, which produces a different energy than muscle chronically in spasm. By reading the energy of the tissues in the body, I get an idea of what’s going on and which healing techniques are most appropriate.

The most valuable information, I find, is in reading the energy of damaged tissue. This post will walk you through the first technique for extending your awareness into a person’s body to read their energy.

This post builds on quieting your energy and the first energy game. This post is an easier and less precise version of sensory connections, and comes before sensory connections in the class.

How to read the energy inside a person’s body

Your own energy field extends several inches beyond your physical body. When you place your fingers on a person’s body, your own energy field extends inside their body. We’ll use this to read the energy inside their body.

You will extend your awareness to the edge of your energy field, then place two fingers on the person’s body to read the energy inside their body.

You can use this to look for the energy produced by inflamed cells, by muscles chronically in spasm, and more, to guide your healing work.

Learning to read energy in the body

Practice extending your awareness

Before you can move your awareness outside your body to the edge of your energy field, you must be able to move your awareness inside your body.

Start by quieting the energy in your body. (How to quiet your energy.) Then bring your awareness to one spot in the body. For this example, pick a spot on your arm.

Awareness can mean, “my arm is tense,” or, “my muscles are tired.” But that’s not the awareness we’re after. We want an awareness of energy. Tune in to the energy in your arm, like you tuned in to the energy in your hands in the first energy game.

Then move your awareness an inch, and read the energy. Repeat this a few times, until you can comfortably tune in to the energy in your body. If that takes more than one practice session, that’s fine.

Next, instead of just moving the spotlight of your awareness, grow that spotlight. Pick a spot on your arm. Tune in to the energy. Now, make that spotlight a little bigger. Expand it an inch down your arm. Become aware of the energy there, too. This is the fundamental process of “extending your awareness.”

Then let the spotlight of your awareness shrink back down, leaving the first spot and landing in the second spot an inch down your arm.

Repeat this, moving your awareness down your arm like an inchworm, until you reach your fingertips. It’s fine if that takes several practice sessions.

Practice this until it’s comfortable to extend your awareness, an inch at a time, down your arm.

My student Tiffany tried this and said, “As I moved my awareness down my arm, I checked my energy as I went to make sure it was quiet. So I would move my awareness, tune into the energy in that part of my arm, and then take a minute to quiet that energy if I needed to, before moving further down my arm.”

Extend your awareness past your fingertips

So far, you’ve been extending your awareness inside your body. To extend your awareness past your fingertips and into your energy body is the same process.

Place two fingers on your thigh. Your fingers should be together, like when taking a pulse, so they make a small area to extend your awareness into and beyond.

Inch your awareness down your hand and into your fingers, and just keep going, inching your awareness beyond your fingers and into your energy body. In this case, that energy body is inside your own thigh, so you’ll be feeling the energy of muscle tissue. Notice how it feels.

Practice that until it’s comfortable. Then practice reading other tissue:

Place your fingers on your head, inch your awareness out, and read the energy of your brain. How does it compare to the energy of your muscle?

Place your fingers on a lemon, and inch your awareness into the lemon. See if you can spot the energy of the rind, and how it’s different than the energy of the flesh. Later, you’ll read the energy of different tissues in the body in much the same way.

Once this is comfortable, you’re ready to practice with a friend.

Reading another person’s energy

At this point, you can extend your awareness past your fingertips into whatever you are touching.

With the consent of a friend or healing client, place your fingers on their body, inch your awareness out from your fingertips, and read their energy.

If they have a spot that’s inflamed or otherwise painful, try reading that energy. Then move your fingers to somewhere else in their body that has the same tissue but isn’t painful, and read the energy there. How are the energies similar or different?

With practice and experience, you’ll learn to recognize the energy if inflamed tissue, the energy of muscle cramp and spasm, and other energies in the body. You’ll learn the meaning of the different colors and textures of energy you perceive in the body. This will give you insights into what’s happening with clients, and let you guide your healing energy precisely where it needs to go.

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