Even beautiful ideas can become limiting beliefs.

It sneaks up on us. An idea, once helpful, hamstrings the mind. Or an unspoken moral of our myths (shared or personal), rooted in the unconscious, binds us.

“Some people are gifted as healers.”

But when it doesn’t work, does that mean I’m not gifted? That I can’t be a healer?

“Energy follows intent.”

But when a clear intent fails, does that mean I’m unable to intend properly? Can that even be fixed?

“Energy healing works if you believe.”

But when it doesn’t work, does that mean I don’t really believe? It’s not like I can force myself into true belief.

“Energy healing works once you’re enlightened.”

But enlightenment is a lifelong goal. Am I supposed to wait for enlightenment before helping people?

That’s why I focus on techniques.

You can learn techniques whether or not you’re gifted.

(I’m not gifted, by the way. I’ve always needed techniques.)

Techniques work whether or not your intent is perfect, whether or not you believe.

(When working with new health conditions, I always doubt the results. But I do the technique and see what happens. If it’s successful over and over, belief follows naturally — that’s how true beliefs are formed.)

Enlightenment isn’t required, just good technique and practicing with real feedback.

Energy healing is for everyone. I’m reminded of that every time I teach.

Other beliefs can become limiting, too. Ask yourself, “What beliefs are keeping me from exploring energy. Why am I not practicing energy today?”

Acknowledge those limiting beliefs. Take a breath. Then learn an energy technique. Because once you learn the technique, results and belief will follow.

I’m geeking out with my students and other energy explorers on my Facebook group. Come join us.

And we’ll return to “how to do energy” posts next week. Tiffany and I have been discussing limiting beliefs to prepare for a class in January.

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