“Why not just send healing energy to the entire body?” my student asked.

It’s a sensible question. This energy is designed to fight inflammation. Wouldn’t that be useful everywhere? And there are no side effects, so what’s the downside of sending it to non-inflamed tissue?

But it turns out, targeting only the inflamed tissue is more effective. That’s why I use sensory connections to precisely direct the energy, and why I teach that to my students.

This post explains why.

Note: This is an advanced post. We’ll be back to the regular fare next week.

The Short Answer

When we send healing energy, it’s adjusted based on the tissue receiving that healing energy. This is done automatically by the ethereal software.

Say a client has an inflamed tendon. If we apply the healing energy only to that tendon, we get an energy precisely aligned to what that tendon needs.

But if we send healing energy to the whole body, we get an energy that more-or-less tries to align to all the tissue of the body, but doesn’t precisely match the needs of that tendon, so it’s less effective.

The Details

Think of an energy signature as a radio wave:

Let’s say that’s the energy signature of an inflamed tendon, and this is the energy signature of the healing energy:

That’s the energy signature we want the cells to have. It’s designed to slow the cellular processes of inflammation and enhance the cellular processes of repair.

(The curves are just to help the discussion, by the way. Real energy signatures are far more complex, and I actually model energy signatures on chemistry, not radio waves.)

Remember: The green energy signature is the signature we want the cells to have.

But if we just apply the healing energy to the inflamed tissue, what we get is a sum of those two energy signatures. If you think about adding the waves together, you’ll get a mixture of the two, like this:

That is, if the cells have the red signature, and we apply the green signature, we wind up with the yellow signature, between them.

But that’s not the energy signature we want around the cells. We don’t want the sum of those energy signatures — we want the cells to have the healing signature.

What we need to do is find the difference between those two signatures.

We look at the inflammation signature and ask which parts of it need to increase or decrease to make it match the healing signature. In the illustration below, segments A and C of the inflammation signature need to decrease, and segment B needs to increase.


To accomplish that, we calculate an energy that increases the parts of the signature that need to increase, and decreases the parts of the signature that need to decrease. The blue line in the figure above represents that energy. When it’s above the white dashed line, it increases the signature of the tissue (the red), and when it’s below the white dashed line, it decreases the tissue’s signature.

When we apply the blue signature to the tissue, the end result is the green healing signature. That is, the blue signature shifts the tissue from having the red inflammation signature to having the green healing signature.

(When you channel energy, this calculation is done automatically by the ethereal software. When I develop a new energy signature to work with a new health condition, I do this calculation myself.)

This is the key: The healing signature (green) isn’t a single energy signature. It’s a recipe. The actual energy we apply (blue) is based on that recipe, adjusted based on the energy signature (red) of the tissue receiving the energy.

If we apply that energy (blue) to an inflamed tendon, we end up with an energy signature precisely aligned to the tendon.

But if we apply the energy to both inflamed and non-inflamed tendon, the tissue has two signatures (healthy and inflamed). So the red line isn’t a clear line any longer, it’s fuzzy and imprecise because it includes both healthy and inflamed signatures. The result is, when the ethereal software calculates the signature to apply (blue), that signature winds up just as fuzzy and imprecise. It still helps, but it’s not as effective.

In the figure below, that imprecision is represented by wider lines:

That’s why we want to target only the inflamed tissue, not the whole knee or the whole body: To get a precisely-matched, effective signature.

Advanced Notes

The previous section was written for my first-year students. This section covers my own work in the past week.

When we work with inflamed tendon, the healing energy contains two parts: One designed to slow the cellular processes of inflammation, and another designed to enhance the repair of damaged cells and the growth of healthy cells. These affect different parts of the signature. (That will be important in a moment.)

To prepare for this post, I did some training in signature alignment with the spirits who made the ethereal software.

We had the ethereal software create two healing energies: One for just an inflamed tendon, and one that also included the non-inflamed tissue around it. And we read those two parts of the signature.

In both cases, the part of the signature focusing on the inflammation was the same. Why? The non-inflamed tissue doesn’t have the inflammation signatures, so the inflammation-focused energy won’t affect it. The ethereal software ignored the healthy tissue when it determined the inflammation healing signature.

But the part of the signature focused on repair and growth was a different story. When aligned to just the inflamed tendon, it was a precise alignment, exactly what I look for in healing sessions. But when we aligned the energy to non-inflamed tissue too, we got a broader, less-precise signature.

Why? Because both inflamed and healthy tissue have the energy signatures for repair and growth, but not exactly the same signatures. So the ethereal software had to broaden the healing signature to work with both inflamed and healthy repair / growth signatures. Which resulted in the less precise signature we saw.

Will that help the person? Yes. But not as much as a precisely-aligned signature.

When working to enhance a natural healing process that’s already happening (like recovering from inflammation), this imprecision is OK.

But when working with a chronic condition (tendinitis, osteoarthritis, etc), we really want the additional effectiveness of a well-aligned signature.

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