When working with pain, it’s essential to send healing energy to all of the inflamed tissue. Missing some tissue tends to give poor results.

In my introductory class, I teach students to lay both hands around the inflamed area. This is easy, and great for a knee or other small, well-defined area.

But there’s another approach I teach my professional students. It’s better at sending healing energy to a large area, like the muscles of the back. And it’s more professional for sensitive areas of the body, like the glutes.

This post walks you through that more precise, more professional approach.

Builds on the Step-by-step guide to channeling healing energy.

Direct Healing Energy Like a Pro

When sending healing energy, we want to define the edges of the inflamed tissue, then send healing energy to all the tissue within that area.

When placing hands on the person, that’s what we’re doing: Sending healing energy to all the tissue between our hands.

But if the area is too large (like the back), we can miss impacted tissue. And if the area is too small (like the spine), we can end up including tissue that isn’t impacted. Neither of these is ideal.

(It’s not terrible to send healing energy to healthy tissue, but it tends to make the energy less effective on the whole. Advanced post explaining why coming soon.)

To solve this, we’re going to use two fingers to identify the edges of the inflamed tissue, drawing a dotted line around the area that needs healing energy.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Find the tissue.

Find the inflamed or damaged tissue. In particular, find the edge of that tissue, where it meets with healthy tissue. That’s key to applying the healing energy to all the inflamed or damaged tissue.

Ask the client about their pain, where it is, what brought it on, and any diagnosis they have. Then use your knowledge of anatomy to figure out where the inflammation and damage likely are.

If you know techniques for reading a client’s energy: With the client’s consent, lightly place two fingers on the painful area. (Hover your fingers over the body if touch increases their pain.) Read the energy, you should notice an inflamed signature. Move your fingers an inch toward the edge of the painful area and read the energy again. Repeat this, moving your fingers an inch at a time, until you find the energy signature of healthy tissue. Then move back one inch, to the last point with an inflamed energy. This is the edge of the impacted tissue.

(If you don’t know techniques for reading a client’s energy, read about them here. For now, just make your best guess about the edge of the impacted tissue based on their report and your knowledge of anatomy, and place or hover your fingers there.)

2. Mark the point by saying, “Identify this point.”

Engage the ethereal software. Tell it, “Identify this point,” while having your awareness on the tissue your fingers are touching.

If you’re reading the energy inside the client’s body, you can have your attention on that energy rather than on the tissue your fingers are touching.

3. Repeat to outline all the impacted tissue.

We want to draw a line around the impacted tissue. Think about it like placing pins on a map, and tying a string around them. You just identified your first point, the first pin in that map.

Follow the edge of the impacted tissue. When you come to a corner, repeat step 2 to identify that point. (To place another “pin.”)

Depending on the size and shape of the impacted tissue, I might have four points (for a simple box), six points (for a longer box, like for the spine), or around ten points (for a group of muscles in the back).

4. Send the healing energy.

Once you’ve identified all the hurt or inflamed tissue, tell the ethereal software, “Send healing energy to the tissue between the identified points.” Remember to make it stable and ongoing, along with any other instructions you’ve learned.

Use This for Self-Healing

In addition to working with clients, this technique is also useful for self-healing, if you want to send healing energy to an area that’s hard to reach with your own two hands, like your shoulder or back. Use one hand, identify the points, and send the healing energy.

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