Ready to step into your potential as a healer?

This post will guide you through each technique. It contains the resources for my year-long professional training, covering a variety of healing techniques, along with awakening your psychic intuitions, the business side of a healing practice, and more.

You can use this syllabus as a roadmap for exploring energy. Just start at the top and work through each post.

(Some topics aren’t written up yet. We’ve noted the most important topics in the syllabus below.)

This syllabus is revised and improved based on what I learned teaching this class last year. I’ll teach this class again starting September 2020, and plan to release these resources as a book in 2021. More info in the coming months.

Month 1: Channeling Healing Energy Like a Pro

1. Noticing energy (plus a game)

How to create energy visualizations that actually work
Why premade energy visualizations don’t work, and how to create visualizations that do.

The reliable way to sense energy (not just imagine it)
How to sense energy. Not just imagine tingling. Not just read a person’s emotions. But feel chi, blindfolded.

One game we play for stronger energy
We improve what we measure. Here’s a game from Energy Dojo designed specifically to measure energy.

5 Tips for Feeling Energy
Quieting our energy allows us to observe the energy around us. Here are 5 tips for quieting energy from last year’s class.

How to listen with your energy (beyond quieting)
How to become more sensitive to the body’s energy, psychic intuitions, and more

2. How to engage your energy anytime you want

Mental Posture: How to learn energy faster
How to learn a rarely-taught beginner skill that’s critical to success with energy: Mental Posture.

Why mental posture is key (and what happens if you skip it)
Why mental posture should be your first step in using energy, and what goes wrong if you skip it.

3. Channeling stronger healing energy

Step-by-step guide to channeling healing energy
How to channel healing energy, step by step.

What is ethereal software?
Every system of energy discusses the forces we channel. They go by many names: The Universe, a matrix, an egregore, Jung’s Collective Unconscious, and more. My term for these forces is ethereal software.

Safety: How to deactivate healing energy

4. Reading energy in the client’s body

Posts on this coming next year: How to extend your awareness to the edge of your energy field to read the energy inside a client’s body, and a game to develop that skill and make it reliable.

5. Basic steps to awaken your psychic intuitions

Step-by-step guide to manifesting and psychic intuitions
Walking you through your first session using manifesting and psychic intuitions.

Two tips for awakening your psychic intuitions
Two tips for a new student, from one of my intermediate students.

Other Healing Topics

Becoming an energy professional: Flow of a session
How I do a professional healing session, step by step (including a section on doing a body scan.)

How a student made self-healing easier
How my student developed a simpler way to send healing energy to her own body.

How Tiffany stepped into her calling as a healer
Tiffany doubted her skills as a healer. Then she burned her finger and used the techniques from my class. Her pain dropped from 8/10 to 2/10 in seconds, and her doubts vanished just as quickly.

Energy healing: The scientific evidence
Ever been intimidated by skeptical questions about energy healing? Here’s what you need to know.

How to learn energy: Finding your daily practice
The key to learning energy is simple: Practice every day. Here’s how I practice, that’s been working for me for more than a decade.

Month 2: Reading Energy Signatures

Month 2 teaches how to discern the details of energy signatures — its texture and subtleties. We’ll also cover how to engage the correct parts of your mind for psychic intuitions and manifesting (post coming in 2020).

1. Beyond tingling: Feeling energy’s signature

2. Energy game: Reading different energy signatures

3. Psychic intuitions and manifesting: Engaging the right part of your mind (mental posture for communication). (Post coming next year.)

Month 3: Making a Connection

Month 3 covers intentionally making a connection, playing a game to sense an energetic connection, and holding your brain in a receptive state for receiving clearer psychic intuitions.

1. Step-by-step guide to making your first sensory connection

2. Learn to observe energy with this game

3. Clearer Intuition: How to relax and receive a message

4. Emotional Balance: A student’s experience getting clearer intuition

5. Becoming an energy professional: How to do a client intake

Month 4: Make a Sensory Connection

Month 4 covers reading an energy signature with your connection. This is more precise than the earlier technique for reading a client’s energy, and lets us read the energy of different tissues in the body. For psychic intuitions and manifesting, we’ll learn to send more precise requests by enunciating the message.

1. Observing Energy: Three steps from theory to practice

2. Make a connection just by looking (post coming in 2020.)

3. The business side of energy healing: Flow of a healing session – table time

Month 5: Reading Energy Signatures

Month 5 covers discerning energy signatures. We’ll play a game to read our partner’s emotion blindfolded, based only on the chi in their head. For psychic intuitions and manifesting, we’ll cover how to tell when your own emotions are clouding your ability to get clear intuitions. We’ll start with low-priority questions.

1. Energy game: Reading the energy of emotions

2. How to read energy signatures inside the body

Month 6: Mapping the Energy of Living Tissue

Month 6 is about mapping the energy of living tissue. But before we map the energy of tissue in the body, we’re going to practice with an easier case: A lemon. The thick rind and simple structure (only 2-3 signatures) make this a great learning exercise. For psychic intuitions and manifesting, we’ll cover how to hold your mind in a receptive state to get clear intuitions.

1. Food for Thought: Exploring Energy Signatures with Fruit

2. A gentler introduction to mapping the energy of the body

3. Emotional Balance: A student’s experience getting clearer intuition

4. The business side of energy healing: How to speak credibly about energy healing

Month 7: Mapping the Energy Body

Month 7 covers mapping the energy in a client’s body: How to find the tendon, cartilage, and other tissues of the knee, and how to apply that to other areas of the body. For psychic intuitions, We’ll move beyond simple yes / no answers and learn to receive sentences.

1. The one-month guide to mapping the body’s energy

2. How to find inflammation in the body’s energy

3. How to cite the science of energy healing: The many meanings of “energy”

Month 8: Targeting Healing Energy

Month 8 brings everything together. We’ll review all the techniques for targeting healing energy and explore where to use which technique. For psychic intuitions and manifesting, we’ll continue learning to receive full sentences. (No posts yet; coming in 2020.)

Month 9: Review and Preview

We’re going to review the topics we covered all year, and preview next year’s topics. You’ll meet the spirits I work with (and play a game with them). For psychic intuitions and manifesting, we’ll learn to ask it about more advanced energy techniques, so you can keep learning. (Posts coming in 2021.)

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