Referrals are the best marketing. Referred clients are less skeptical and take less work to get into their first session.

But it can be hard for clients to talk about energy healing. So we talked with a client who’s been amazing at referring people, found out what they say, and turned that into a guide for our other clients.

Here’s that guide, plus our reasons for each step in italics, so you can adapt the referral guide to your healing practice.

How to tell friends about Healing Lab

Want to tell a friend about us, but unsure what to say? We’ve got you covered.

Who to Tell

If a friend over age 50 complains of joint pain, ask if they have arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Please tell anyone with arthritis about us.

Referrals start by identifying who to tell. We specialize in osteoarthritis. But do you know who in your life has that? Probably not. But you probably know who has joint pain.

Say, “They’re arthritis specialists.”

Talk about the results you’ve experienced.

You can mention that many clients experience results in just one session, and that there’s no drugs or surgery.

If your friend is a skeptical type, you don’t even have to mention energy healing. We’ll explain it in a skeptic-friendly, professional way on the free call.

(If you do mention energy healing, don’t lead with it. Lead with the results.)

People tend to lead with “what it is.” It’s natural to say, “I know someone who does energy healing.” But leading with “energy healing” invites skepticism and resistance. People think they know what energy healing is, and that it isn’t very effective.

More than that, clients may expect to be dismissed if they suggest energy healing, so they just don’t say anything. That means we don’t get the referral, and their friend doesn’t get our help. That insight is really where this guide started — realizing we need to empower clients by guiding them through this conversation.

“They have a money-back guarantee.”

Your friend has nothing to lose by trying us.

Do they seem skeptical? Mention that there are no hoops to jump through. Just email or call us, say, “I’d like a full refund,” and we’ll refund all their sessions for the last 12 months, no questions asked.

The guarantee creates comfort for everyone. For the friend, that we’re for real and they have nothing to lose. For our client making the referral, that even if we can’t help their friend, at least their friend won’t lose money and be upset with them.

Also, the guarantee makes us remarkable. That is, worthy of being remarked upon — something people find interesting and want to talk about.

“Book a free consultation at”

Send them to our website for a free consultation. We’ll take it from there.

If they don’t use the computer, they can call Tiffany at (510) 619-8330 to schedule the free consultation.

Simple call to action. Easy to do — just a free consultation. This takes the burden off our clients in making referrals, since we’ll explain everything to their friend on that call.

Thank You!

Thank you for sharing our work and helping create a world with less pain.

Our mission is to end chronic pain by developing a modern science of energy healing. By referring a friend, the client isn’t just helping their friend, they’re helping us do something worthwhile: Create a world with less pain.

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