Today’s post is from my student, Tiffany.

I’d always wanted to be an energy healer. But three months into learning it, I noticed these nagging doubts:

  • Could energy healing really produce big, obvious results?
  • If the results weren’t obvious, was the energy even real?
  • And the real question: Was my dream of being an energy healer even worth pursuing?

I had a sinking feeling that the answers were all, “no,” and I didn’t want to face that.

Until one morning, when the answer to my doubts hit me like a frying pan.

While making breakfast, I touched a hot metal pan and burned three fingers. As I ran cold water over them, I knew it would hurt like hell for hours, then blister. And I had to go to work. How was I going to do this?

In the Heat of the Moment

My fingers throbbed. I was near panic. Then I remembered the energy I learned in class. It’s designed for inflammation, and the inside of my fingers felt like fire. Maybe it could help? I steeled myself for the possibility that it would have no effect and tried it anyway.

It was difficult to focus on the steps. I needed to contact the ethereal software and say where I wanted the healing energy. I started asking for the energy “in my fingers” while looking at them, but before I could finish fumbling with the right words, the energy kicked in.

The pain in all three fingers immediately went down from 8/10 to 3/10. I let myself feel that relief for a moment, despite the mild throbbing still present.

Then I went through the steps Mike had taught us to make the energy stronger. The pain went down further, to 2/10, and disappeared entirely over the next half hour.

The After Effects

The results weren’t limited to pain. The pad of my worst-burned finger had become puffy and tight. The skin shriveled and wrinkled less than five minutes after I applied the healing energy. The damaged tissue was still tender, but I could touch it lightly and feel no pain.

At work, I had to move heavy chairs and large tables. I was dreading this because I was sure the pain would come back with a vengeance. But the pain was mild and went away quickly when I was done. I marveled at how the pain had been an 8/10 when I touched it gently less than an hour ago. Now I was moving furniture.

I’ve never had a burn stop hurting in minutes, or heal completely the same day. The burned fingers never developed blisters. The shriveled skin was back to normal the next morning.

The Real Relief

Before this happened, I’d been pushing aside my doubts about energy healing, whether it was real and worth pursuing. I hadn’t even noticed how hard I was pushing those doubts aside, hoping energy worked as well as Mike said it did.

But I had just felt almost unbearable pain drop instantly. I hadn’t expected the energy to work at all, but I’d watched my skin puff up, then shrivel and heal in a day. I didn’t have to pin my hopes on Mike’s words. I had my own evidence, and it soothed my doubts.

I realized I was becoming the healer I always wanted to be.

I asked Mike about my experience. He said he’d never used energy healing on a burn. And I began to wonder: How can we use this to help more people? What if we got an energy healer in the burn ward of every hospital, how much suffering could we eliminate? And how much more is there to discover with energy healing?

This is an edited version of this post from earlier this year.


  1. plumage September 13, 2019 at 8:44 am - Reply

    How do we know whether this is down to energy or hypnosis? I’ve heard amazing reports of healing of burns under hypnosis. I’ve also heard that there is a trick where you can stab someone and they wont bleed under hypnosis.

    • Mike September 13, 2019 at 10:58 am - Reply

      Great question.

      For any single experience, we can’t know how much is expectation / placebo, and how much is energy. I wrestled with this when starting Healing Lab. Fortunately, there’s 50 years of excellent scientific research on energy healing, you can read more here:

      And for Tiffany, she got to experience the energy healing firsthand, which let her move past her doubts and step into her calling as a healer. That’s the point — not to convince you, but to share an experience that was meaningful to her.

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