“Why is mental posture important?” my student Tiffany asked.

Background: Ethereal muscles are the parts of the mind that move energy. Mental posture is a technique for engaging them.

“You’ve said it’s critical to engage your mental posture before doing energy work,” Tiffany continued. “But my ethereal muscles automatically engage when I build energy. Why do I need to engage those muscles with mental posture first? Can’t I just build energy and just let my ethereal muscles kick in on their own?”

I realized the question spoke to a key part of learning. It’s important to know why you’re learning a technique. That’s how to inspire students to learn and practice.

This post explains why learning mental posture is key, and why engaging your ethereal muscles by building energy can get in your way.

The Short Answer

Building too much energy makes many techniques harder. Often, we want only a little energy, or only a specific signature of energy. If you always start by building energy, you’re making things harder for yourself.

If you’re doing work that involves building a lot of energy, such as practicing moving energy around your body or playing the Energy Dojo game, then go ahead and start by building energy.

But most of the work we do doesn’t involve building a lot of energy. Building energy became less and less a part of my regular energy practice as I learned more advanced techniques.

Here are a few techniques from Level 1 of my year-long course where building a lot of energy would be a detriment.

Energy Healing and Psychic Intuitions

Contacting ethereal software is the first step in channeling healing energy and psychic intuitions. To do this well, you need a small amount of quiet energy in your head.

Tiffany had been building energy first, then sending a little to her head and quieting it. But doing that built up more energy than she needed, making it more difficult to quiet the energy. She often found herself having to quiet all the energy in her body before contacting the ethereal software — much more work than necessary.

Engaging your ethereal muscles first lets you build as much or as little energy as you need. It gives you control of what you’re doing with energy.

Extending Sensory Connections

I use sensory connections to read a client’s energy. But in order to listen to the client’s energy, my own energy needs to be quiet.

If I were to start a session by building energy, it would again mean there’s more energy in my body. I’d have more energy to quiet, which would again take more effort.

By engaging my ethereal muscles with mental posture, rather than by building energy, I can more easily quiet my energy before extending the sensory connection.

Choose a Specific Energy to Use

When I build energy, I usually want energy for calming, or energy that’s easy for students to feel, or some other specific purpose. To do that, I need energy in a particular signature. I don’t need energy in my body’s default signature.

If my first step is to build energy, I’ll often get energy in my body’s default energy signature. To get energy in a particular signature, I need to already have my ethereal muscles engaged. Mental posture lets me engage my ethereal muscles to build a specific energy signature.


I use mental posture every day. It’s how I start every session. It lets me control what energies and techniques I use for clients in my healing practice.

You may find it’s hard to build mental posture into your energy practice at first. That’s normal. But with time, it will become easy, which will make all your other techniques easier too, and open up new possibilities with advanced techniques that require mental posture.

Read more about mental posture here.

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