Today’s post is from my student, Tiffany.

When I’m lying in bed, in pain, anxious and unable to sleep, it’s hard to send healing energy to my body. There are just so many steps.

Mike taught me to send energy to clients using my hands or a sensory connection. He said to do the same when working on myself. But placing my hands on my own body can be difficult, depending on where the pain is, and sensory connections still require my complete focus.

I wanted a faster, easier way to send healing energy to my own body.

Here’s how I developed a technique to do just that.

Learning to Direct the Energy

This started when I burned my fingers. With so much pain, I barely managed to contact the ethereal software. I started to say, “Send the healing energy to,” then stopped. How was I supposed to refer to my fingers? I couldn’t say, “the tissue between my hands,” because the injury was on one of my hands. I didn’t have the focus to make a sensory connection.

But as I paused, thinking about my fingers, not sending any words, the energy started to flow and my pain dropped to almost nothing. I said, “to the tips of my fingers” afterward, but that probably wasn’t necessary.

Had I just accidentally found an easier way to self-target healing energy?

Standardizing the Technique

The steps became clear when I tried it with an earache. Instead of targeting with my hands, I focused on the pain as I said, “Send the healing energy there.” It worked; my pain was gone in minutes. I did the same thing for two more earaches in the next six months, with the same results.

How I do it:

  • Engage the ethereal software
  • Picture the part of my body that hurts / needs healing energy. (Sometimes a diagram helps.)
  • Focus on the pain, allowing myself to fully feel its location in my body. This can sometimes take a shape and / or color.
  • While holding that concept in my mind, ask for healing energy. I say, “Send the healing energy there,” or describe the area in more detail. For example, “Send healing energy to the tissue inside my ear.”
  • Let the energy flow for a moment to see how it feels in my body. I ask for stronger energy if needed, and make it lasting.

This was so useful. Why hadn’t Mike taught this to us? Was there some downside?

I asked him. He replied, “I never learned to target the healing energy with my mind. By the time I developed these techniques, sensory connections were already easy for me, so I never had a reason to learn special-purpose techniques for self-healing. I do something similar to what you describe sometimes, but not often, and I never systematized it. I didn’t teach this because it’s not something I really know how to do.”

Easier Self-Healing

Since then, I’ve used this technique to send healing energy to “my whole brain” for calming, to “my back” for pain, “my whole lower torso” for aching hips, and “my right eye” when it was irritated. It’s so much faster and easier than using my hands or a sensory connection.

This whole experience has been so exciting and validating. I’m trying things my teacher hadn’t considered, and they’re working! I get to discover more about how energy works and what I can do with it, and create new techniques that make me more effective as an energy worker.

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