How can you select a great energy healer?

The answer is surprisingly simple: Choose a practitioner who specializes in your condition, offers a money-back guarantee, and has techniques that last a full month. This post explains why.

If you’re looking for an energy healer, use this as a checklist when evaluating practitioners.

If you’re a practitioner yourself, use this as you think about how to develop your skills and healing practice.


Many energy healing modalities use one universal energy for every condition. Whether a person has insomnia, arthritis, or cancer, they get the same energy.

Think about that. If your doctor had to prescribe the same medication to every patient, they probably couldn’t do much to help anyone.

When selecting an energy healer, look for someone who specializes in your condition, and who has healing techniques developed specifically for people with your condition.

Money-Back Guarantee

Every practitioner will tell you about clients who experienced a life-changing recovery.

The question is, are those results a rare lucky occurrence, or do they happen every day?

You might not know, but the practitioner does.

How can you spot a reliable energy healer? Simple: Look for a practitioner confident enough in their work to guarantee it.

Monthly Visits

Most practitioners recommend one session per week. That adds up to a lot of time, money, and commuting for you.

Instead, look for a practitioner who recommends only one session per month. This will save you time and money. It also indicates that the practitioner has a higher level of skill to make their energy last longer.

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