After my class, Awaken Your Psychic Intuitions, a student approached me.

“I wasn’t getting any response to my question in the class,” she said. “How do I hear a response?”

She was already holding a little energy in her head, keeping it quiet, and doing all the other steps for psychic intuitions.

“It’s been 20 years since I was learning how to do these things, and I’ve forgotten how I troubleshot it for myself,” I answered. “Talk with Tiffany. She’s in my year-long professional training and worked through these techniques recently.” (You know Tiffany from recent guest posts.)

Note: Even if you are getting answers to your psychic queries, the ideas in this post may help you get even clearer.

Soft Quiet vs Tense Quiet

Tiffany explained that there’s an extra layer of quiet energy: Your energy can be tense or soft.

“I didn’t know it was even possible to have tense quiet energy till Mike told me my energy was tense and stiff during practice one day,” Tiffany said. “I take a deep breath and relax. I relax my body. And I transfer that feeling to my energy.

“My experience is that once I move the relaxed feeling to my energy, it also becomes part of my visualization of quiet energy in my head. I normally see my energy as orange, yellow, and white light. When it’s quiet, it looks like a still pool of luminescent water. When it’s soft, a gentle breeze can cause a ripple across its surface. It’s also cooler.”

We’ve written about having a tense versus relaxed state of mind for psychic communication before, it’s about halfway down.

Answers as Sensations

They also talked about how the simple Yes and No answers Tiffany gets are feelings, not words.

“The details are probably going to be different for you than they are for me, but I feel them in my body, like excitement for Yes and nervousness for No,” Tiffany said.

I realized, I get answers to my psychic queries as both words and body sensations. To me, Yes feels like a relaxed forehead and a happy feeling, and No feels like a tense chest and a desire to be protective. I’m so used to the sensations that I barely notice them, but they are obvious once I pay attention.

The student nodded. “I thought I would hear words, that it would be a message,” she said.

“That does come later,” Tiffany said, “but right now, as beginners, we mostly feel the energy in our bodies. Try relaxing and softening the energy you move to your head next time you seek guidance. Ask for a Yes, and get used to how that feels in your body. Then ask for a No, and feel that. Clarity comes with a lot of practice, so use it as often as you can for mundane questions like what to eat for dinner.”

Read more about Tiffany’s experience of Yes and No.

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