This week’s post is from my student, Tiffany.

I realized recently how easily I can mistake my own feelings for the Yes and No answers of psychic intuitions.

A little background: When receiving psychic intuitions, I ask for guidance on a topic, like finding a rewarding job or a healthy relationship. Then I think of some options and, as I think of them, listen for a Yes or a No answer for each.

For the past nine months, I’ve been asking for guidance when it occurred to me. But the questions that were most important to me, like how to relate to a difficult family member, felt overwhelming to ask. It was hard to discern answers to big questions. It was hard to even ask them.

In a recent class, Mike emphasized asking mundane questions every day, like what to have for lunch or where to park. I started doing that. It gave me an excuse to practice, and let me get used to how it felt to ask and receive answers.

In total, it’s been taken me about 10 practice sessions (and three classes) to feel confident hearing Yes and No as psychic intuitions.

Now I’m learning to tune in for situations where I’m more emotionally invested, which is harder. There’s more emotional static, and it’s hard to tell if I’m feeling an emotion or an intuition.

My Dilemma

I asked the ethereal software, “Guide me in thinking about how to find a romantic partner who excites me and can meet my needs.” I noticed right away that I felt excited about the topic, and about the prospect of getting a psychic intuition at all.

I thought about some options, and felt a Yes: A light, airy, presence in my chest, and a gentle pressure under my chin.

But I realized, that’s very similar to the excitement I felt about the idea of finding a partner: A cloud of pleasurable sensation in my chest, like the feeling I have when I’m opening a gift. How could I tell if this was an intuition or my own emotions?

Then I felt nervous: What if I’m not ready and I mess it up? That felt like a knot in my throat and stomach. Which is similar to how I feel a No answer: A constriction in my forehead, my eyes popping, and a sharpness in my stomach. Was this feeling just my nervousness, or was it a No from the ethereal software?

How could I separate my moment-by-moment emotions from actual guidance?

Advice from Mike

I’d been practicing over several months to keep my mind calm, quiet, and alert when seeking guidance. But that wasn’t enough here, with all the emotion I was feeling.

Mike had said, “Hold your mind balanced, ready to hear either answer, not expecting either. Quiet enough to hear an answer that’s about as loud as your own thoughts, and free of emotional attachment.”

But what did it mean to have a balanced mind? Did I need to banish my emotions, when they are such a big part of my experience? How could I have emotions, but not have them overwhelm the intuition?

Finding My Balance

I started by acknowledging the excitement and the nervousness, noticing how and where in my body I felt them. There were subtle differences between the emotional sensations and the Yes or No answers. This helped, but I still wanted more clarity.

I imagined the feelings as people inside my head, and my adult self telling the feelings I would hear them out later. Adult me genuinely values their input. But, I told the feeling-people, for the good of us all, I wanted to be emotionally neutral right now so I could get guidance.

This felt validating to my whole self. I was able to shift my focus from the immediacy of the moment to my long-term goal.

A relaxed ease set in, and I gently set the feelings aside. The body sensations cleared after a while. The feelings were still there, but their urgency was gone. They felt muted, like they respected my need to listen.

Now, I could ask the question again and think of possibilities from a more neutral, quiet place. I called each possibility to mind, one at a time. Tuning in to the Yes or No answers was easier. I felt the answers more clearly in my body. And I got the guidance I was looking for.

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