When a person receives a psychic intuition, their brain acts like a radio, tuning in to the message in the airwaves. The key is to hold the brain in a receptive, relaxed state, so it can listen for the message. This post explains why and how.

To do this technique, you should be familiar with basic energetic communication. You might want to brush up on ethereal software, psychic intuitions, and channeling.

How Energetic Communication Works

When you think a question, such as, “Should I go to the party tonight,” the nerves in your brain fire. An MRI can read that activity to determine the words or image that you were thinking of. That neural activity also causes changes in the energy around those nerves, which ethereal software reads to determine your intent.

Receiving a message is the reverse process: The ethereal software sends energy to your brain, gently encouraging the corresponding nerves to fire. If your brain is in a receptive state, the energy will cause the message to enter your thoughts.

The simplest messages to receive are yes and no — a general sense of positivity or negativity.

By holding your brain in a relaxed, receptive state, you’ll be able to receive yes and no more clearly and accurately. With practice, you’ll be able to receive words and concepts, allowing the ethereal software to send you a more detailed answer.

Finding Your Receptive State

The energy can’t overpower your own thoughts. To receive an intuition, it’s important to hold your mind in a balanced, neutral state: The answer could be yes, no, or something else. You’re not directing your own thoughts; you’re allowing them to be directed.

To learn to do this, practice meditating and clearing your thoughts. Keep the question and its possible answers in mind, but let go of any emotional attachment to a particular answer. If you have an emotional reaction, acknowledge it. Then set it aside so you can receive guidance in a neutral state.

How to Relax into Receiving

So you’re holding your mind balanced and ready. But is it relaxed? Or is it held balanced firmly, even tensely?

If you’re holding your mind too tightly, you can’t receive. The energy of an intuition can’t overpower your mental tension any more than it can overpower your expectations.

The key is to hold your mind balanced and relaxed, but to hold it gently.

To learn to do this, hold a thought firmly in your mind, then relax your mind, and notice the difference. As you meditate and communicate, pause to notice if you are tense or relaxed, and relax as necessary.

How to Know You Heard the Message

When a thought emerges, how do you know it’s energetic communication and not a thought from your own brain?

It turns out, messages tend to be a bit stiffer than our own thoughts. We can use this property to help discern which thoughts are messages.

To do that, try thinking the opposite of that message. For example, if you hear, “Go to the party; you’ll meet great people.” Try thinking, “Don’t go to the party; you won’t like the atmosphere.”

If the shift between opposing thoughts is easy, you’re likely hearing your own thoughts. But if the original thought is harder to change, or feels “sticky,” that suggests you got an energetic message. (You’ll still be able to change it. The energy won’t overpower your thoughts. But there’s a stickiness to the message.)

Try it. Start with an issue where your feelings are already neutral, or close to neutral. Ask where to go for dinner, for example, and think of three or four possible options. Clear and relax your mind, and see if you get a clear yes or no, or if you get other words or details.

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