When I do energy healing, the first step is to read the energy of each tissue involved in the injury. If a client has arthritis, where in their cartilage is the low-energy signature of calcifying cartilage? Is there an energy of inflammation in their tendons? Ligaments? Bursa?

Different tissues have different problems. By observing the energy of each tissue, I can figure out what energy adjustment it needs, and give each tissue its own specialized healing energy.

To observe each tissue’s energy, I use a network of sensory connections.

This post gives an overview of using a network of sensory connections, then we’ll dive in next post. Not sure what a sensory connection is? Start here.

Why a Network of Sensory Connections?

Short answer: To map the energy of the body.

Long answer, in an example: A client had abdominal cramping and inflammation after getting an IUD.

I set up a network of sensory connections to map out her energy, and I saw the distinctive signature of inflamed tissue. I recognize inflammation from seeing it in dozens of clients — a distinctive signature, recognizable no matter which tissue is inflamed. I felt to the edges of the inflammation, finding all the tissue producing that energy.

That mapping required a network of sensory connections. One sensory connection reads energy at one location. You can move it around, but that’s like trying to understand an image by reading one pixel at a time. To understand the picture, I needed many probes throughout the area.

With that energy mapping, I also found energy typical of muscle spasm elsewhere in her abdomen. Each condition needs a different energy: One energy for inflammation, a different energy for muscle spasm.

So I had a bunch of sensory connections. Some to her inflamed tissue, some to her muscles in spasm, and some to other tissue in the area. And I made sure to look around the whole region, so I didn’t miss any inflamed or spasming tissue.

To send the healing energy, I engaged the ethereal software I use for healing. I focused on my connections to the inflamed tissue, engaging those connections, and asked the ethereal software to send the inflammation healing energy there. Then I focused on my connections to the muscles in spasm, engaged those different connections, and asked for the muscle relaxation energy.

The client reported a cooling sensation in the areas that were inflamed and a reduction in pain.

Using a network of sensory connections this way is also necessary for working with arthritis. The energy I use with calcifying cartilage needs to target exactly that calcifying cartilage and not other parts of the joint.

The next post will take you through the first part of this technique: Splitting one sensory connection into several. Then we’ll learn to recognize different tissues, and learn to map different areas of the body.

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