We’re in month eight of my one-year roadmap for learning energy.

The roadmap is the syllabus for my year-long course. It’s also a self-study guide to walk you through learning to observe and use energy.

This month we’ll cover:

  • Engaging the ethereal muscle for communication.
  • Enunciating as you send a message.
  • Reading a message into your thoughts.
  • Clearer manifesting and psychic intuitions.
  • Business: Legal side of healing practice.

Each month, as I prepare to teach the class, I assemble posts on those topics.

Sometimes, I discover that, despite writing about energy since 2010, I’ve barely written about a topic. This is one such month.

I’ll break down each topic, share resources, and where resources don’t exist, give a general overview.

(And new posts on these topics will be out in the coming weeks.)

Engaging the ethereal muscle for communication

I do this every day, but it’s so easy now that I never think about it. So I’ve never explained how to do this.

The short answer: Use your mental posture to engage all your ethereal muscles. Then bring your attention to the one for communication.

I think the word, “Communication,” when engaging it (and the names of my other ethereal muscles when engaging them). But that’s not any more necessary than using a particular visualization when building energy.

To find out which ethereal muscle handles communication, engage your mental posture, do some manifesting or other communication-focused task, and feel which of your ethereal muscles is active and engaged.

Note: Ethereal muscles are made of modules. If it looks like many ethereal muscles are active, you’re probably looking at modules rather than complete muscles. That’s fine, I worked that way for years. Just mentioning to avoid confusion, since I talk as though you’ll see one muscle engaged, when you may see many modules engaged instead.

Enunciating as you send a message

Last 4 paragraphs of this post:

Reading a message into your thoughts

When students receive psychic intuitions, they get a sense of “yes” or “no” to whatever idea they were considering. When I receive psychic intuitions, I receive a sentence. This technique (how to read the message into your thoughts) lets you start receiving sentences.

(It’s also one of the two techniques for communicating smoothly with spirits. We’ll do the other one next month.)

Again, nothing written on how to do it. I’ve done this for so long, it’s automatic and unconscious now, so I didn’t think about this technique until I was laying out this year-long class. Posts in the coming weeks.

Clearer manifesting and psychic intuitions

Once you know how to receive sentences, we’ll cover how to ask for that type of information.

Also, some tips on asking for energy and other things:

Business: Legal side of healing practice

I wrote about this years ago, but I’m not happy with any of it. So instead, here is the link for California Health Freedom Coalition. They are the group that lobbied for the California Health Care Freedom Act, which spells out what an energy healer needs to do so they can’t be charged with practicing medicine without a license.

(If you’re outside California, the law doesn’t apply, but the practices are probably a good idea.)

We’ll cover that law, federal regulations around advertising, and how to get insurance through the Healing Touch Professional Association.

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. This is my best understanding, offered as general education, and is not a substitute for a lawyer’s legal advice.

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