We’re in month seven of my one-year roadmap for learning energy.

The roadmap is the syllabus for my year-long course. It’s also a self-study guide to walk you through learning to observe and use energy.

This month we’ll cover:

  • Using a network of sensory connections to explore the body’s energy.
  • Recognizing the energy of different tissues in the body. (Cartilage, tendon, ligament, ones that are harder to find.)
  • Recognizing the energy of inflamed vs healthy tissue.
  • Targeting energy to the tissue that needs it.
  • (How this moves us beyond visualization)
  • Business: Initial consultation call

Each month, as I prepare to teach the class, I assemble posts on those topics. And each month, I’ll post the links so you can read about the techniques, practice them on your own, and explore at your own pace. (More posts on these topics in the coming weeks.)

Making a network of sensory connections

Somewhat advanced notes:


How this moves us beyond visualization

Finding the energy of different tissues

Advanced ideas: https://www.magickofthought.com/2015/07/4-dimensional-magick/

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