Reading an energy signature lets us read the details of a client’s energy body and match the healing energy to the client’s needs.

This post is about how to read the energy inside the client’s body using sensory connections. We’ll learn to feel the energy of different tissues. Later, we’ll use this information to fine-tune the energy you send a client’s body during a healing session.

This post is the combination of making sensory connections and reading energy signature. To learn this skill, you should be comfortable doing both of those.

How to read energy inside the body

To start, make a sensory connection into your body, and extend your awareness to the end of your sensory connection.

Expand your awareness to the texture of the energy in and around the end of your sensory connection. This is just like when you first learn to discern energy signature beyond heat and tingling, when you would tune in to the energy in your body and expanding your awareness.

If you have trouble feeling the energy’s texture, focus on quieting your connection. With my students, that’s the most common problem with sensory connections.

Comparing the energy of muscles and nerves

When my students learned this technique, they read the energy of their muscle. Reading only one energy, it was hard for them to tell if they were really feeling that energy’s texture. But once they could compare that energy to another tissue’s energy, the differences between the energies became obvious, and they knew they were reading the texture.

To start, compare the energy of muscle and nerves. These have noticeably different signatures, and are easy to find in the body. (Unlike, say, bone, where you have to go just the right depth in the body to read it.)

Here’s how:

  1. Put one hand on your leg and make a sensory connection into it. Think about extending an empty conduit from your hand, about an inch into your leg.
  2. Quiet the energy in the conduit (the connection) and extend your awareness to the end of the connection.
  3. Just like feeling the texture of energy in your body, expand your awareness to the broader texture of the energy in and around the connection you just made.
  4. Put your other hand on your head and make sensory connection into it, following steps 1-3 above.
  5. Compare the signatures. Attention is a spotlight. Focus on one connection at a time. Feel into the signature of muscle in your leg, then feel into the signature of nerves in your head.

Notice the differences between the two signatures. Practice this several times to get used to recognizing the energy of muscle vs nerve.

We’ll explore the energy of tendon, ligament, cartilage, and bone in a future post.

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