Reading an energy signature lets us read the details of a client’s energy body and match the healing energy to the client’s needs.

To read an energy signature, we need to get beneath the tingling, heat, and other sensations of the energy, and feel the texture, color, and details. This post will show you how to do that.

Sensation vs Signature

We start by noticing tingling, heat, and other sensations of energy. This is like noticing that there is sound, without distinguishing further.

Reading an energy signature is like hearing the notes and melody — the details of the energy. These details are where we see the difference between muscle energy and bone energy, between healthy cartilage energy and inflamed cartilage energy. These details are how we match our healing energy to the client’s needs.

Perceiving Energy’s Signature

As students learn to quiet their energy and listen more closely, they begin to make out a texture beneath the heat, tingling, and other sensations of energy.

Some experience a roughness or sharpness to the sensation.

Some perceive a color, not seen with the retina, but imprinted in the mind.

Students in the yearlong class described certain energies as “feeling” beige, and like the texture of a pile of crunchy, dry leaves. Others described different colors, like blue and green, in one energy signature, and the feeling dry spaghetti noodles rubbing against each other.

Like most aspects of feeling energy, it varies from person to person. But if you feel the same energy twice, it should feel the same to you.

I’ve been noticing energy’s signature for so long that it’s automatic. I can’t really explain how I do it.

So instead, my student, Tiffany, will explain what she’s been figuring out as she explores energy signatures in my year-long class.

Tiffany’s Story

I thought I wasn’t getting it at first.

I usually feel energy as warmth. Sometimes I also feel tingling, and my mind’s eye sees that as static, like “snow” on a TV set.

When my classmates sent me energy, I could feel things like warmth, tingling or movement. One energy might feel more “busy” than another, or cooler, or more dense. But weren’t these just the sensations of energy? And wasn’t it supposed to be different when I feel the signature?

I asked Mike. We tried an exercise. I channeled one type of energy to my left hand, then he sent a different type of energy to my right hand. I took a few minutes to feel into each one.

Both types of energy felt warm, but the energy in my left hand felt like a nebulous presence around my whole hand. There was a sensation of aimless, airy movement. My mind’s eye saw it as a white cloud with pepper in it, like slow, very large-grain static. But this is just how I experience energy. Nothing unusual was happening.

Then I shifted my focus to the energy in my right hand. It felt, round, flat, with a circular motion. I saw it as orange-yellow. The tingling, static-like feeling was there, but it felt like a finer grain, which gave the energy an overall feeling of being more dense. And I again felt it on both the palm and the back of my hand.

I described these sensations to Mike. He said, “Yes, that sounds like the signature.”

I was doing it!

How did I do it? I just intended to do it. I thought about what it would mean to feel the energy as a whole. I expanded my awareness to take in any and all available information about the energy: Was there a feeling? Was there movement? Was there a color? A sound? A shape?

I felt sensation, but I also got the visual of the cloud, the color of the spinning disc, and the more precise feelings of movement, airiness and density. Looking back over the year I’ve been exploring energy, I think that information was always there. All I did was open my awareness to it. But to do that, I needed to understand what I was opening my awareness to.

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