How to sense an energetic connection

If a person (or ethereal being) makes an energy connection to you, how can you spot it?

(We’ll discuss removing it later.)

This post assumes you know how to visualize energy, and how to sense energy.

What is (and isn’t) an energy connection

Just like the word “energy “ can mean many things, people use the words “energy connection” to refer to many phenomena.

The word energy can refer to attention, and where your attention is focused. Similarly, someone describing themselves as having an energy connection to their ex really means that they keep thinking about that person and can’t emotionally disconnect.

The word energy can also refer to chi produced by living cells, which is carried by an energy connection. In this case, the connection is like a pipe carrying water, or a wire carrying electricity.

The techniques in this post will help you identify energy connections that carry chi. They won’t help you with attention or emotional challenges, like disconnecting from someone in your life. I’ve tested with friends, and those connections aren’t based on chi.

Step 1: Receive a Connection

If you think you have an energy connection, you can skip this step. But if you want to practice this skill, get together with a friend who knows how to make connections.

Pick where in your body you want to receive a connection. Your hand is a good place to start.

Your friend holds their hand a few inches away from that spot and makes a connection to you. They don’t send energy, just make the connection. This is what you’ll practice noticing.

(For those of you a bit more advanced: Your friend should make a normal connection, not a sensory connection. Sensory connections are quiet, which makes them harder to notice.)

Step 2: Quiet Your Energy

To feel a friend’s energy, you must quiet your own energy, making it steady, so you can notice the changes caused by your friend’s energy.

Similarly, when you feel a connection, you’re really feeling the impact that the connection has on your energy body. To notice this, your own energy must be quiet and steady, so the only changes come from your friend’s connection.

We’ll use the same technique to quiet your energy. Focus on the location where your friend is making the connection.

What does a connection feel like? It feels basically the same as energy. So if energy feels like heat to you, then a connection will probably also feel like heat. If energy feels like tingling to you, then a connection probably will as well. The challenge in teaching this is that energy feels different to different people, and connections will feel different as well.

To learn how energy feels to you, play this energy game.

Step 3: Connect to Their Connection

If you know how to make a sensory connection, you can get a much better feel for their connection.

Create a sensory connection to that area in your body. (Your hand, or wherever your friend is connecting to.) You can imagine your sensory connection coming from your hand, your head, or anywhere it makes sense in your visualization. In truth, it will originate from your ethereal muscles, which more or less reside in your head.

Move your sensory connection around the area. When it touches their connection, you’ll feel it catch or land. Learn to recognize this feeling — it will be important later.

Practice noticing your friend’s connection a few times. When it’s comfortable, you’re ready for a game. (Coming soon.)

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  1. stefen January 12, 2019 at 11:58 am - Reply

    I forget if this was talked about elsewhere, but is it the nerves that are ultimately translating the feeling of energy? If that’s so, how would someone with nerve damage still be able to sense energy? Just something I thought of when you wrote about nerves in your previous blog.

    • Mike January 17, 2019 at 4:42 pm - Reply

      Hi Stefen, great question.

      There are two ways we feel something:

      One is, if something touches your hand, nerves in your hand send a signal up your arm to your brain, and you feel it.

      The other is, if you close your eyes and imagine a feather brushing against your hand, you’ll probably feel something. Here, the part of your brain that registers sensations is firing all on its own.

      As best I can tell, feeling energy is that second type. Your ethereal muscles notice the energy and stimulate sensations in the brain. So the nerves in the arm wouldn’t be especially involved.

      That said, I’d be curious to test this with someone who has nerve damage and see how they experience energy.

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