Side effects in energy healing are rare, but they do happen. This post explains how to turn off the energy in the unlikely event of side effects.

These techniques work for energy applied to yourself or others.

Deactivating Energy You Just Applied

If you’ve just applied healing energy and want to deactivate it, just tell the ethereal software, “Turn off that energy,” or “Deactivate that energy.” Send those messages the same way you do when requesting the healing energy.

Deactivating Energy You Applied Previously

If you’ve ended the session, or applied energy to other areas of the body during the session, you’ll need to tell the ethereal software which energy you want to deactivate. Here’s how:

  1. If you haven’t already engaged the ethereal software, do that.
  2. Place (or hover) your hands around the area, like you did when you activated the healing energy.
  3. Think about the energy between your hands.
  4. Tell the ethereal software, “Turn off the energy between my hands,” or “Deactivate the energy flowing to this area.”


  • This post assumed you’re using the ethereal software I use in my practice and teach in my classes. Other ethereal software will probably respond to these techniques, but some ethereal software may not. Similar to how most computer software responds to ctrl-z for undo, but some software doesn’t.
  • “Turn off that energy” is easier to communicate than “Turn that energy off.” Why? Short answer is, “turn off” and “that energy” become two short messages, while “turn that energy off” cannot be split into short messages. We’ll cover the long answer when exploring more advanced communication techniques.
  • It’s also possible to deactivate or adjust energy at distance. We’ll cover that when we cover more advanced communication techniques.

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