We’re in month five of my one-year roadmap for learning energy.

The roadmap is the syllabus for my year-long course. It’s also a self-study guide to walk you through learning to observe and use energy.

This month we’ll cover:

  • Discerning the signature of energy.
  • Game for discerning energy signatures.
  • Mental posture to engage our ethereal muscles.
  • How to do an initial consultation with a prospective client.

Each month, as I prepare to teach the class, I’ll assemble posts on those topics. And each month, I’ll post the links so you can read about the techniques, practice them on your own, and explore at your own pace.

Discerning the signature of energy: No content yet. You just quiet your energy and feel the signature of whatever you’re receiving. But I’m sure there’s more to say, once my students ask questions and figure it out with me. Post coming soon!

Game for discerning energy signatures: No post yet, but a paragraph from an old handout I made for Energy Dojo. “Game: Who’s Sending? Three people: Two senders, one receiver. Receiver, face away from the senders. Senders, one of you send energy. Receiver, feel the energy and say who is sending. (To tell the receiver you’re sending, tap your foot. Have the same person tap their foot, no matter who is sending.)”

Mental posture to engage our ethereal muscles: Major topic on my old blog.

Main post, from the book I was writing: http://www.magickofthought.com/2014/09/strengthening-your-ethereal-muscles-mental-posture/

Step by step from 2016: http://www.magickofthought.com/2016/10/techniques-for-energetic-fitness/ (other topics here too)

Doubt affecting your manifesting? Mental posture may help: http://www.magickofthought.com/2014/07/overcoming-doubt-through-mental-posture/

Practical tips: http://www.magickofthought.com/2011/07/making-mental-posture-work/

Class from 2011: http://www.magickofthought.com/2011/02/do-magick-anywhere-instantly-with-this-easy-skill/

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