Energy Dojo Online is coming up. I’m so excited to share these techniques and meet you, dear readers.

We’ll have lessons and exercises, and also time for discussion and questions. I want to hear about why you explore energy, how you use it, and answer your questions about energy techniques, games, and research.

This time, you can sign up solo or with friends. I know how isolating solo practice can be, and I want to support solo practitioners.

Connecting with my readers was a joy last class. I’m so looking forward to this one.

Learn energy that gets results!

Stronger chi means better energy healing, manifesting, tantra, and more.

At Energy Dojo, we play games that give objective results, so you can strengthen your chi and never have to wonder if you were really feeling energy or just imagining it.

Here’s a game: Blindfold your partner and send energy to one of their hands. Don’t tell them which one, and don’t touch them. Using only your energy, get them to feel it.

Energy Dojo Online is Saturday, December 15, 1-3pm Pacific time.

Price: $20

Details, registration, and how to get a free ticket: See the event posting and RSVP on Facebook.

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